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Brand Identity DNA Workshop

Brand Identity DNA Workshop Overview

During our Brand Identity Workshop we cut to the core of who you are and establish the fundamentals of your brand. This includes your audiences and developing target audience personas, your company values, the long-term strategy for your business as well as analysing the competitor landscape.

We take a deeper look into your story, your brand and the team behind it. We explore your company’s future, evaluate your audiences and define your brand’s values.

By examining your competitors and positioning your brand against them we can see what will resonate with your audiences and leverage your unique assets to your advantage. By taking these insights our creative team can formulate an approach which will act as the foundations for your brand strategy!

Company Vision

We help you map out a roadmap to unify and identify the vision with key stakeholders.

Your company vision helps your organization set clear objectives with a keen focus on guiding your internal decision-making and thought processes to reach those goals

Core Brand Values

Your brand values are the beliefs that you and your team as a company, stand for.

They serve as the guide to your brand story, your message, your actions, behaviors, and decision-making process. Our values are to inspire, empower and provide value to you.

Audience Personas

We develop buyer/customer/audience personas that are realistic descriptions that describe your typical target customers, this is based on detailed internal audience research, industry insight and demographic behavioural analysis.

The goal is to create the description of a real person that lives and does real things, to represent a section of your audience, enabling us to craft the right message and tone of voice, while addressing the specific problems or needs of your customer throughout their digital journey.

Market Positioning

Through market positioning we focus on delivering the right message to align your customers’ perception with your brand identity and position in your industry landscape.

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