About The Project

The Challenge

Following the success of SiGMA17, Growth Gurus were entrusted to raise awareness for SiGMA 18 by covering the event in real time across their social media channels.

The Strategy

Going into the Summit, our strategy was centred around capturing the events in real time and promoting SiGMAs brand in front of their targeted audiences. This years event was going to be bigger than ever so we needed to strategically place ourselves around the conference to ensure we didn’t miss anything!

The Process

Having successfully worked on SiGMA17, Growth Gurus were approached for a second consecutive year to work on covering SiGMA 18 in real time across their social media channels.

We knew this year’s event was going to be the biggest event to date so we doubled the size of our team to ensure every corner of the conference was covered. We had 2 gurus on the Expo floor, covering all the fast-paced actions from exhibitors and attendees, 1 guru covering the workshop room and start-up expo, 1 guru stationed in the conference room, overseen by 1 more Guru who was placed in the media room, distributing all the content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.









Our core KPIs were reach, engagement and video views from the Conference Room and Workshops. We devised unique strategies for each platform and had our team create relevant content in real time. Here’s how we reached our targets:

  • Custom Built graphics highlighting keynote speakers speech, created and shared before the end of each talk.
  • On the spot video creation highlighting the day’s events. 2 compilation videos created each day.
  • Captured content from every room of the summit shared across social media
  • Instagram stories utilized to help highlight key moments of the 3-day summit
  • Real-time hashtag analysis and implementation across Twitter and Instagram
  • Coordinate what content was needed from SiGMA’s photographers
  • Malta Gaming Awards Winners announced, captured and shared on Facebook in real time
  • Video content of Conferences, Workshops and Expo Floor highlights targeted at our created audiences across Europe
  • Coverage of the SiGMA Start-Up Pitch and Expo.

The Results