We Are Growth Gurus.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies grow through our dedicated digital growth services. We are a specialised team of digital scientists that explore, measure and manage the digital marketing space. We help unlock your digital potential, using data-driven tactics to deliver calculable growth.

Our role is to empower you with a digital marketing strategy that provides a tactical road map and actionable next steps towards achieving your business objectives. We tailor our digital marketing strategies to meet your business goals, while empowering you with the full stack of digital marketing capabilities to go from an agency doing it to fully in-housing all marketing activities should that be your goal.

We believe in relationships that evolve which is why we have developed a process that grows with the needs of our clients. We know we won’t be in your lives forever, but we hope the knowledge we share and the structures we help build last a lifetime.

A typical relationship starts with a free strategy call, to simply make sure you like the way we think, we offer free insights into how you can quickly take advantage of some missed opportunities. If you’re happy with what we had to say we then deliver a customised plan to help you reach your goals with options to manage it for you or to guide your team to your winning digital strategy.


Proudly recognised.

Meet the team

Our carefully-assembled Growth Gurus team share the same vision of revolutionising the way businesses are grown.


Josh O’Cock


Dynamic, explosive, and committed to achieving outstanding results, Josh’s enthusiasm is infectious. This enthusiasm keeps the Growth Gurus team striving for excellence and pushing boundaries! Josh has a natural ability to develop strong relationships, understand objectives and motivate people - making him an awesome CEO!

Jon Paul Calleja

Head of Content

A quick-witted content specialist with love for all things marketing. From planning, to design to content creation, JP's skill at digital strategy development is out of this world! He has a keen instinct for crafting compelling messages and relevant content. He is passionate about research, writing and rolling ideas together to create meaningful strategies which stand out from the rest.

Joanne Muscat

Executive Assistant

Joanne is our office mummy and go-to person for most of the executive office needs. With her anything-is-possible attitude and strategic mind, Joanne will go the extra mile to ensure the team and clients’ needs are met! Anything from setting up client meetings to organising yummy team lunches, she makes sure the team is set up for success daily!
Growth-Gurus-Digital-Marketing-Team---Chris Curmi

Chris Curmi

Head of Design

3D Animation, Graphic Design you name it, Chris can handle anything you throw at him! A design and media craftsman who coordinated a team of exceptional creatives. Chris thoroughly enjoys building a brand or media masterpiece from scratch and crafting something spectacular from the germ of an idea.

Alex Thomson


Building, growing and keeping the Guru engine running is quite the responsibility, but Alex just makes it seem so natural. His business savvy and strategic mindset have helped clients and his team to excel. He strives to make the complex simple by leveraging his experience with the clients’ knowledge to overcome any obstacles and help businesses reach their ultimate goals.

Andreas Mallia

Head of Campaigns

Whether you need to know the latest advances in online advertising, digital strategy tips or the lyrics to any Kanye West song, Dre's got you covered! Commander of the campaigns department, whose main mission is to make sure our clients’ campaigns are second to none! A true digital connoisseur who is passionate about sharing the right content with the right audiences on the right channels and empowering them to take action!

Steph Scicluna

Creative Director

Steph's creativity leaves its mark, whether it's with her stunning creations, photography or her amazing ideas! She really is one of a kind! An art aficionado who ensures each idea and design conveys her creative and out-of-the ordinary thinking. Steph ensures that each visual we create is dynamic and unique - with a knack for creating craft smoothies somewhere in-between.

Ben Caruana

Social Media Executive

A man of many skills, having worked both on organic and paid social campaigns, Ben helps our team get our message out to the right people on the right platforms. Aside from being an awesome DJ with a devoted Instagram following, he’s excellent at storytelling through influencer programs, branded content and social campaigns. Ben’s the man!

Martina Gauci

Content Executive

A content marketing strategist with a passion for storytelling. Likes include brand consistency, creative brainstorms and boosting social engagement; dislikes include repetitive content and grammar mistakes. Martina’s “can-do” attitude and awesome skills make her a core pillar of the Guru team!

Luke Young

Lead Project Manager

Luke’s role involves keeping the team on strategy, on schedule and on budget all while maintaining peace and harmony along the way. Simple right? On top of all that our king of customer success is entrusted with exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Scott Schembri

Brand Developer

Scott has a sharp creative mind and is able to merge meaning and creativity, helping him deliver stunning concepts and designs. A strategic, detail oriented guru with a passion for smart and innovative brands. Scott is a huge champion of developing big ideas and meaningful brands.

Tudor Danila

Superstar Apprentice

Meet our stallion, Tudor - high-school valedictorian and highly ambitious, driven individual. Tudor has the best possible attitude and never shies away from a challenge, making him the perfect Guru apprentice!

Erik Pas

Brand Strategist

With a global track-record of over 20 years, having worked with top name brands such as RedBull, Bavaria, PayPal, Sony and many others, Erik is a true expert in defining global brand strategies. He definitely brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the team!

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