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About Growth Gurus

Founded in 2015, we transcend the conventional to deliver real results that drive unstoppable business growth. With a relentless focus on client success, our signature Growth System™ blends brand development with revenue-boosting marketing & sales to unlock your brand's true potential.

Our Core Values

Our values are our non-negotiables. Our DNA. The glue that holds us together.

  1. 🧠 We’re Excited To Learn
  2. 🤔 We Figure It Out
  3. ✅ We Always Get It Done
  4. 🏆 We Strive For Excellence

We hold ourselves accountable by our values. We won’t compromise on them.

The Management Team

Our expert team share the same vision of revolutionising the way businesses are grown.


Steph Scicluna

Head of Marketing


Izzy Hyzler



Jon Paul Calleja

Production Manager

A quick-witted content specialist with love for all things marketing. From planning, to design to content creation, JP's skill at digital strategy development is out of this world! He has a keen instinct for crafting compelling messages and relevant content. He is passionate about research, writing and rolling ideas together to create meaningful strategies which stand out from the rest.
Growth-Gurus-Digital-Marketing-Team---Chris Curmi

Chris Curmi

Head of Brand

3D Animation, Graphic Design you name it, Chris can handle anything you throw at him! A design and media craftsman who coordinated a team of exceptional creatives. Chris thoroughly enjoys building a brand or media masterpiece from scratch and crafting something spectacular from the germ of an idea.

Josh O’Cock


Dynamic, explosive, and committed to achieving outstanding results, Josh’s enthusiasm is infectious. This enthusiasm keeps the Growth Gurus team striving for excellence and pushing boundaries! Josh has a natural ability to develop strong relationships, understand objectives and motivate people - making him an awesome CEO!

Tudor Danila

Website Content Manager & Strategy Executive

Meet our stallion, Tudor - high-school valedictorian and highly ambitious, driven individual. Tudor has the best possible attitude and never shies away from a challenge, making him the perfect Guru apprentice!
Data Analysts, Media Buyers, SEO Specialists, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Writers & CRM Experts

Award Winning Ambition

Why You'll Love Us

Selective Partnerships

We’re picky about who we partner with, but for a good reason. We dive in only when we’re sure we can take your brand to new heights. It’s not just about working together; it’s about making magic happen.


Shared Ownership

Your goals are our goals – simple as that. We align our strategies with your north star metric, ensuring we’re always on the same page, chasing the same goals. It’s all about moving in unison to achieve your brand’s mission.


Knowledge Transfer

Think of us as your team’s growth mentors. We’re here to share our know-how, offer training, and even help with hiring. Our goal? To equip your team with the skills to continue our work, long after we’ve done our part.