Growth Gurus Core Values

Voting is now officially open for the Core Value Awards.

Core Values are non-negotiable behaviours.
The critical few things that we absolutely exhibit every single day.

Think of these as our DNA.
The glue that holds us together despite our individual differences.

We spend so much time with the people we work with.ย Why not enjoy it?
If only we could be surrounded by people we click with…

Well, here you can and you will – when you share the same core values.
What are our 4 core values?

  1. Figure It Out ๐Ÿค”

  2. Excited To Learn ๐Ÿง 

  3. Strive for Excellence ๐Ÿ†

  4. Always Get it Done โœ…

We are accountable for holding to these core values. We wonโ€™t compromise.
If you share our values, we will grow together.ย 

This is a collective mentality. This is a culture.
We work with the same vision and view to achieving the same goals.

We hire by our core values. We live by our core values.
We celebrate our core values.ย 

Core Values Award Winners

Congratulations to our inaugural core value champions.

Have your say! Vote for your winners in the next edition of the Core Value Awards.

  • You may vote for 1 person per award.
  • You may vote for the same person for multiple awards.
  • You do not need to vote for every award.