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The Most Impactful Week of Our Year – Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

Growth Gurus E_S Malta Blockchain Summit

As bitcoin hit its landmark 10-year anniversary, Malta has begun to make a name for itself for the innovative legislation in place, supporting blockchain businesses. OKex and Binance are amongst the hundreds of blockchain related companies to have relocated to Malta over the past year, with many more due to follow suit.

The Malta Blockchain Summit was one of the few conferences set up in Malta, aimed at attracting like-minded professionals to the Maltese Islands to connect and learn from the industry leaders.

For Growth Gurus, it was business as usual. We not only had an active role in promoting the summit but our flagship news portal, was unveiled to the blockchain world. Read on to find out more about our hugely rewarding week at the Malta Blockchain Summit.

1. Blockchart Exhibiting and Nominated for 2 Awards

Our week got off to a great start! Blockchart, our blockchain news portal, was double-nominated at the Malta Blockchain Awards! We were humbled to be recognised as finalists for both the Affiliate Website of the Year and the Start-Up of The Year. Unfortunately, we didn’t take home any trophies to add to our cabinet this year, but being nominated amongst so many industry leaders has motivated us to keep working hard and expanding Blockcharts global reach.

Growth Gurus Blockchain Summit Malta

We were exhibiting the news platform from our startup stand on the conference floor – we spoke to hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts about the platform, and the interest and uptake were phenomenal. Total reaffirmation that all the blood, sweat and tears were well invested.

Blockchart at Malta Blockchain Summit

2. Malta Blockchain Summit Digital Marketing Campaigns

Promoting blockchain related business on social media or Google is tricky. When working on these platforms, specific topics or keywords are instantly flagged, with most ads getting disapproved almost immediately.

Before the summit, Growth Gurus were entrusted as the digital marketing partners for the Malta Blockchain Summit which was testing, yet an exhilarating experience for us!

In order to make this a success, we had to think not only outside the box but also through the box. We were on the phone to Google and Facebook pretty much daily in the build-up to the Summit to unravel the legislation. After banging our heads over many failed campaign attempts, we finally managed! We found the sweet spot in the rulebook. We were able to get our ads approved and seen by hundreds of thousands of blockchain enthusiasts around the world. The result – 8,500 attendees at the Malta Blockchain Summit!

Malta Blockchain Summit Blockchain Marketing Growth Gurus 7

3. Our Blockchain Clients Exhibiting and Winning the ICO Pitch

Earlier this year, the Growth Gurus management team made a commitment and aligned our vision to focus on delivering top-class marketing services to the fast-evolving blockchain world. It was so rewarding to see so many of our blockchain clients, ranging from tech, advertising, legal industries exhibiting and promoting their excellent businesses at the Malta Blockchain Summit.

Malta Blockchain Summit Blockchain Marketing Growth Gurus 5

It was fantastic to see our efforts put into their brands come to life bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds! To make it even better, our friend Vadim from AEToken (branding and website by Growth Gurus) won the ICO Pitch and went on to take home a €25,000 investment.

Malta Blockchain Summit Blockchain Marketing Growth Gurus 4

4. Growth Gurus Networking Team

We had so much fun meeting such awesome people and getting to know their businesses and innovative ideas.

Sarah has recently joined the Growth Gurus team and will be heading up our business development team. Sarah and the team made so many new friends and also started conversations that could lead to becoming new collaborations.

Malta Blockchain Summit Blockchain Marketing Growth Gurus 1

Everybody at the Summit was in the same mindset: excited to be there and looking to both have a good time and do business. Between the Pre-Parties, Parties, afterparties and 2 action-packed days on the exhibition floor along with a couple of drinks at the E&S Group Nightclub, whoops – I mean exhibition stand, it’s incredible that we get the privilege of calling this work.

Malta Blockchain Summit Blockchain Marketing Growth Gurus 6

5. Covering the Malta Blockchain Summit LIVE on Social Media

Not all our team was at the summit, however, to network with industry professionals. Growth Gurus was entrusted to cover the Malta Blockchain Summit on social media and position the brand in front of our global audience of blockchain investors, professionals and enthusiast.

The conference itself was split across 5 rooms, which required a significant amount of planning to ensure no keynote speaker was overlooked and no critical event from the summit was missed. On the day, we had 3 Gurus on the floor, tasked with capturing all the day’s events. We were strategically positioned around the Summit, with one Guru focusing on the expo floor and the other the conference room.

Malta Blockchain Summit attracted some truly iconic speakers within the Blockchain and AI sphere including John McAfee, Scott Stornetta and Sophia the Robot; it was our to make sure we captured them and shared their message across the globe. Each of our used social platforms had unique strategies, tailored to meet our core objectives: Reach and Engagement.

Malta Blockchain Summit Blockchain Marketing Growth Gurus 2

Facebook gave us the opportunity to capture relevant keynote speakers as they were speaking, edit them into a branded template and share them before the speakers walked off stage. Having such a high turnaround time, allowed us to share content in real time.

Instagram, on the other hand, was our media tool used to showcase the thriving expo floor, with all the delegates from around the world meeting to discuss all their exciting projects in the pipelines. The expo floor had a constant flow of individuals and celebrity personnel, with something always happening, which is why it was paramount to have a Guru stationed there.

Twitter, our third platform, was a merge of reach and engagement. We tapped into trending hashtags to ensure the Malta Blockchain summit brand was positioned in front of industry experts, as well as sharing industry trending content that was sure to have our audience talking. Going into the summit, Malta was being touted as a possible Blockchain Island, our absolute end goal was too amalgamate public perception and position Malta as THE blockchain island. With over 180,000 organic impressions, 3000 organic engagement, and a retweet from the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, we successfully reached our targets.

Not sure what content to post on what platform? Don’t worry: we are here to help!

From the expo floor, conference talks, hackathon, ICO pitches, award ceremony and everything in between, there wasn’t one event at the Malta Blockchain Summit that Growth Gurus didn’t capture!

It was a great pleasure working with the Malta Blockchain Summit team and helping them achieve their goals. Not only did we get to work on the project, but we got to experience it first-hand exhibiting to all the 8,500 attendees.

Growth Gurus will be taking over Sigma’s social pages and covering the massive iGaming event live from the floor, as well as exhibiting in front of the 12,000 attendees.

Malta Blockchain Summit Blockchain Marketing Growth Gurus 3

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