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Many savvy marketers and innovative entrepreneurs are already keenly aware of SEO & the benefits of SEO. Search Engine Management has been an influential tool for marketing teams to take control of their brand positioning and rise above the rest in their respective industry, and the results are definitely worth the buzz this trend has generated. Sales are soaring, information is spreading, products and services are reaching their intended targets, and both consumers and business owners alike are experiencing an ease of transaction.

A lot of this may be attributed to this seemingly unassuming tool. This article aims to introduce you to SEO & the benefits of SEO, which are sure to appeal to anyone seeking to get their name out there and grow their business.

What is SEO?

Whether you are employed in a marketing job or you are a business owner, there is no possible way that you have not had enough of hearing the term “SEO”. However, you might not fully understand or appreciate SEO & the benefits of SEO… yet.

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Search Engine Optimisation is a clever marketing tool that not only increases the traffic to your website, but it also improves the quality of it. Organic SEO gives people easier access to your site through non-paid search engine results, increasing your company’s credibility whilst achieving a better ROI. Not to mention that it does all of this without looking like an annoying, paid-for ad that most people dismiss.

Rising through the ranks and driving traffic demands a balance of technical and creative components, with many factors included in well-executed SEO strategies. Key benefits of SEO can be achieved through a multifaceted approach, such as the use of select words on your page, the way other sites link to you on the web, and even the particular way your site is structured, such that search engines can understand. Don’t forget your actual target audience, though! SEO is not simply about making your site compatible with search engines, it must be better for the people you are attracting to it too.

Top 5 Benefits of SEO for your business

1.SEO drives high-quality traffic

Google, with more than 90% of web search volume, and other search engines control the majority of web traffic, so no matter how significant you think social media is in terms of generating traffic to your site, the primary means of navigation for most people is still search engines and this is the foundation of SEO & the benefits of SEO. This goes for any site, whether it provides information, services, products or any other purpose it may wish to serve.

The most attractive and exclusive aspect that search engines bring to the table, also one of the key benefits of SEO, is targeted traffic – people are actively searching for what you are offering. This feature alone highlights the importance of having your site recognised and understood by search engines. Without being compatible with search engines, you might be missing out on countless opportunities to expedite traffic to your site, which is one of the life-giving benefits of SEO for small businesses in particular.

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As previously mentioned, your site needs to be congruent with your target audience as well as search engines. In order to cultivate this compatibility, we need to take search queries into account. The precise words that searchers might type into the search box are exceptionally important and SEM makes good use of these words and phrases to effectively pave the way for internet users to find themselves on your doorstep.

2. SEO can help increase your brand’s credibility

One of the key benefits of SEO, and one of the major benefits of SEO for small businesses, in particular, is the huge boost to your company’s credibility. When inputting a search query, users tend to stick to the first page of results, more often than not, clicking on the top few and going no further than that. This observable trend is not easily explained, though we can speculate that users simply trust Google’s algorithm; therefore, users fully trust that the top result listed is an honest, well-known and respectable business. SEO & the benefits of SEO will propel you ahead of the competition, making you the company everyone wants to beat. The further down your site appears the more sceptical people become of your brand.

Not only do users have a tendency to click on the first few results, but it’s highly noticeable that they are inclined to bypass the paid-for ads, no matter how similar in design they are to the organic results. Hence why Organic SEO is becoming the more favourable marketing tool for any business.

If your site is proudly positioned at the top of a results page on Google, and even more so if there are other subpages listed below the home page, your website will immediately gain credibility no ad can surpass. Most users are annoyed by paid-for ads and frequently ignore them. Stats clearly highlight this attitude towards PPC ads such that, regardless of the fact that these ads appear above organic rankings, an astonishing 71% of searches produce clicks on organic results on the first page, which is exactly why you cannot ignore SEO & the benefits of SEO.

It’s difficult to say why this is, though the most logical conclusion is that users trust Google’s algorithm. They know which spots advertisers are paying for, and they choose to instead visit the pages the search engine has determined to be the best.

It is easy to conclude then, that SEO & the benefits of SEO greatly exceed any perceived benefits of PPC ads.

3. SEO achieves a better ROI

We have already seen how search engine users have a tendency to respond better to Organic SEO, but how much of a true leap is there in terms of ROI between paid-for ads and SEO?

With regards to the number of visitors that actually convert into a sale, SEO wins. This is not really shocking if you think about the type of visitors you are attracting. Google searches attract potential clients or consumers who actually searched for the tag in your website – these people already want your product. Another one of the key benefits of SEO is making your website clearly visible to searchers that are actively looking for your products and services online.

SEO & the benefits of SEO are also longer-lasting than PPC ads, whilst also decreasing the amount of misclicks and wasted resources. Organic SEO may maintain its strong presence on the results page for months without requiring updates and constant upkeep. Unlike paid ads, generated traffic will not diminish when it stops.

4. SEO is low-cost compared to PPC

One of the key benefits of SEO mentioned above is the pull of higher quality traffic to your site, that facilitates easier conversion to a sale or lead. This encourages many to depend on an SEO campaign from a well-respected and dedicated SEO company, and reap the benefits of SEO for small businesses and growing companies alike, as it clearly the better investment of resources.

Since organic SEO results are 8.5 times more likely to be selected than PPC results, and this large disparity is complemented by organic results’ semi-permanent occupancy, this marketing tool proves itself to be far less costly and much more accurate than PPC.

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5. SEO can help you get ahead of your competition

A significant 61% of marketers say that improving their SEO and their online presence is their number one priority. It’s no wonder why. When executed properly, SEO & the benefits of SEO could mean the difference between merely surviving and dominating the market. With so many potential clients or customers taking to the web to obtain information, products or services multiple times a day, it is more than likely that your competitors have already taken steps to establish themselves as a strong and captivating online entity. In order to remain competitive and push your way ahead of the rest, utilise this advantageous tool to rise above in your own industry. Enlisting the help of a skilled SEO company is precisely what your business needs to climb the ranks and surpass your competitors in Google rankings.

Considering there are hundreds of millions of websites, operating SEO & the benefits of SEO will enhance your brand credibility, making you stand out from the crowd and can be the boost that you need to see your sales exceed all expectations.

Invest in a strategy and reap in the benefits of SEO

In the world of marketing today, SEO & the benefits of SEO play an essential part and is instrumental in culminating an effective strategy, by ensuring your online presence becomes strong and noticeable. It enables consumers to reach your website as they are actively searching for information without you having to pay for ad space, resulting in more organic clicks that have a higher chance of resulting in a sale.

Considering all these advantages, there is no reason not to optimise your site to stay ahead of the game, improve your brand PR and reap in all the key benefits of SEO.

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