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The Bubble Festival… Through The Eyes Of A Guru

the bubble festival malta

We love what we do and we do what we love, in the same spirit we decided to fully sponsor The Bubble NGO’s Festival of Love’s digital marketing activities. We really enjoyed working with such passionate people and are so excited to spend a weekend camping in the beautiful Elysium in Malta between the 23-25th September… all for a good cause!

The Bubble Festival is an annual festival celebrating sustainability, art, music and life in all its forms – values that resonate with every member of the Growth Gurus’ team.

Although we knew that taking on this project would take a lot of work, we were eager to contribute to such an amazing festival in our home country of Malta, especially knowing that 100% of the profits generated by this fantastic venture would be directly injected into some amazing charities. This was our chance to give back, and we relished the opportunity to take on this project as our corporate social responsibility.

Implementing a digital marketing strategy for an NGO

We approached this project with the same question we ask ourselves for every other project we work on – how can we help our client reach its full potential? From the detailed analysis we carried out on the NGO and their previous festivals in Malta, it was clear that in order to make this festival the biggest and best so far, our full suite of digital marketing services should be laid out on the table for The Bubble NGO to take advantage of. The services we decided to implement were  website design, search engine optimisation, social media and content marketing (including curation and creation) as well as targeted advertising.

Designing a website for an NGO

We started the project with a complete re-design of the NGO’s website. This was our opportunity to communicate The Bubble Festival’s unique vibrancy and flair to potential festival attendees and volunteers. To translate such a unique and flavourful festival into a website was a challenge, but an exciting one to say the least. Here at Growth Gurus we thrive on exciting challenges such as these and once we were underway, our creative juices were pumping! After pouring our energy into the website design, we were extremely happy with the final product – a fully responsive, vibrant and colourful website with a full set of personalised icons as well as complete functionality for visitors to apply to volunteer or purchase tickets for the festival.

Check out to see one the most fun websites we’ve built to date.

SEO for a good cause

Once the design was completed the next step was to carry out a full search engine optimisation strategy on the site. Following an in-depth keyword analysis, everything from alt-text to meta-descriptions and copy found on the website was completely optimised to boost the search ranking of The Bubble’s new and improved site. Although this was not the most creative part of the project, it was one of the most important in terms of our digital marketing strategy. What good is it having a beautiful website if no one can find it?

Implementing a social media and content marketing strategy that works in Malta

With the site up and running and fully search engine optimised, we moved on to the next phase of the project – generating important traffic to the new face of The Bubble NGO. Working with the crucial data we generated during our detailed analysis we were able to structure our social media and content strategies specifically to the Bubble’s target demographics while still communicating the important values of the NGO. This provided interesting and engaging content for followers of the The Bubble’s social media pages and website to dig into, while also keeping them informed about all the details of the upcoming festival including ticket prices, venue information and all the activities happening at the event.

Maximising the potential audience with targeted adverts

Of course generating traffic to the site wasn’t the only goal of our social media strategy. It was also crucially important to boost attendance to the Bubble’s facebook event in order to maximise the potential attendance of the festival. This involved a detailed targeted advertising strategy, one that was tailored to reach the specific audiences most likely to be interested in The Bubble’s event, audiences that would resonate with the NGO’s message and values.

Our job didn’t stop there though. Once each strategy was set up and executed, each one was periodically analysed and iterated so as to maximise the potential results for this extremely rewarding project.

What’s Left To Come…

We’re now left with only a week till the festival gets underway and we couldn’t be happier with the results of our digital marketing strategy. We increased traffic to The Bubble’s web site, raised attendance on the event and generated more followers on their social media pages – all this resulted in concrete results in the form of ticket sales and volunteer applicants, results which were necessary to help make The Bubble Festival 2016 as big a success as possible.

Although this corporate social responsibility project was one of the most rewarding projects we have worked on, the best part of the project is still to come – the festival itself! We can’t wait to join in the fun at The Bubble 2016 and take in all the amazing art and live shows on offer. We’ve even set up a workshop on the Saturday 24th, where the Growth Gurus team will be giving informal growth strategy advice to anyone interested in learning about digital marketing to help give their next idea the boost it needs to get off the ground. So join in the fun and get down to The Bubble Festival on Friday the 23rd for a festival experience like no other!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, log on to The Bubble’s website and grab them while u still can!

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