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5 brands who are rocking it on Instagram Stories

Growth Gurus Digital Marketing Five Brands who are rocking it on Instagram Stories

Once upon a time, on August 2nd 2016 to be exact, Instagram introduced their new feature ‘Stories’. This new tool lets you share all the moments of your day with multiple photos and quick videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can now bring your story to life with different and more creative ways by using coloured text and awesome drawing tools.

Social media has proven to us that in today’s world, people respond better to visual content; therefore, every Digital Marketing company should try using different social media content. Instagram offers great opportunities to use its platform for social media marketing.  

Ready to get inspired? Here is a list of 5 brands that are smashing it on Instagram stories right now.

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Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes AMG F1

Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes AMG F1 are a great example of how to use Instagram marketing to boost your social media presence. Many similar companies use Instagram Stories to allow their followers to gain a sense of being part of their team. They also use the Instagram story feature to cover an event in real time and to show some ‘behind the scene’ footage; which will allow users to accompany the journey with them for the whole duration. The story feature allows large and seemingly faceless brands a more casual and friendly approach to interacting with their followers.  It also gives these same followers, a more exclusive insight to the company as this feature is only accessible to those who already follow the page.

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Every girl loves a good fashion page! This women’s clothing brand came up with a great way to engage with their followers by organising a style challenge which involved tagging your best friend in their latest Instagram post. This particular challenge didn’t only allow their followers to have fun, but it also meant that more people go to be exposed to their brand by being tagged in the comments.


With over 10.3M followers, GoPro seems to be smashing the new story feature. The company jumped at the amazing opportunity to use this new tool as a way to send out more footage of their amazing adventures with their own product and provide interesting content. They are able to make incredible video footage about their trips and show just how amazing their products can be!


Large companies are finding Instagram stories a great social media tool to enhance their digital marketing efforts. Such companies can use this feature to promote new releases of upcoming games. This is a great way to tease their Instagram followers, by posting new content and generating excitement.

Whole Foods

Who doesn’t love a good picture of delicious food? Whole Foods post regular lifestyle shots to show potential customers what’s new in store. This is a great way to make their Instagram followers get an insight on what products they could buy. Social media marketing is a great way for companies to get different content out there and to market specific foods such as gluten-free pasta.   

Instagram stories is a great social media platform you could use to get different, creative and interesting content to your followers. Once you have established a good following you could introduce your company’s hashtag, which will encourage more people to use it and get you more brand awareness. Interested in getting started with Instagram stories? Give us a call and leave the rest to us.

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