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5 reasons why influencer marketing is the next big thing

By October 21, 2016April 17th, 2020No Comments
Growth Gurus Digital Marketing 5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is The Next Big Thing

Influencer marketing – The two-word social media phenomenon which has significantly reshaped the online industry over the last couple of years. This immensely effective marketing technique has been working wonders for various international brands; helping them reach their individual marketing goals.
That’s right, getting a popular, public figure to regularly promote your brand is actually a brilliant idea!  For this reason, we believe that influencer marketing is the next big thing in digital advertising, so stay tuned!

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1. Influencer marketing targets the right audience

Reaching the right audience is the main purpose behind any marketing strategy; and influencer marketing allows you to do exactly that! There’s no doubt about it, statistics have shown that a good percentage of marketers acquire better consumers through the use of influencer marketing.

This allows them to target a wider and more diverse range of audiences. Let’s face it, the greater the reach, the greater the chance of conversion, and who is going to do this better than a public figure who has tons of followers? I honestly can’t think of anyone. Remember, whoever controls the media, controls the mind.

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

5 Reasons why influencer marketing

2. Influencer marketing boosts SEO

In this day and age, every online brand should ensure having a great SEO strategy as one of its prime marketing goals; and nothing does this better than influencer marketing. Whether it’s through the use of social media or any other online alternative, consumer’s love to use search engines during their decision-making process.

This gives them the freedom of choice through the various channels which search engines display. For this reason, it is of key importance to truly nail your SEO game plan, in order to achieve the highest rank possible. Therefore, associating an influencer with your brand is a genius idea, due to the large number of searches that these VIP’s generate.

3. Influencer marketing builds trust with your consumers

Think about it, who is going to trust anyone more than a highly recognized figure with a strong and secure reputation? Barely anyone. That’s why influencer marketing is such a great tactic and a force to be reckoned with in terms of building a consumer’s trust and reliance.

We live in a time where people have some serious trust issues, especially when it comes to online shopping. An era where hackers and fraudsters reign supreme, having left their troublesome mark along all corners of the internet. This is where the power of influencer marketing steps in. Associate your brand with a key influencer, remove those negative trust vibes, and boom! get those online orders dashing in like never before.

4. Influencer marketing is targetable and trackable

Gone are the horrid days where tracking your work was completely out of the question! It’s 2016 after all, and we live in a digital era where data and analytics are every marketing guru’s best friend.Targetable and trackable, these two aspects of influencer marketing are what really makes this unique marketing scheme so useful to its end users.

It is ultimately down to this specific reason why traditional advertising is slowly diminishing compared to digital marketing, which is rapidly gaining momentum. Having access to this exceptionally functional and sensitive data is what truly makes influencer marketing so powerful and such a remarkable marketing technique.

5. Influencer marketing is native advertising

Think powerful, think organic, think native advertising! I’m sorry my good old friend traditional marketing, but your time is almost up pal. The future is online and native advertising is the perfect approach for any brand looking to find those much-wanted marketing solutions.

There’s no need to beat around the bush, with native advertising it’s a well-known fact. Through various forms of research, it is statistically proven that over 70% of online users would prefer to learn about a particular product or service through content rather than traditional marketing. So get with the times amigo, native advertising is current, it’s in demand, and it sure as hell works.

How is influencer marketing different from celebrity endorsement?

After much thought and consideration we decided to throw in a little bonus addition to this blog due to the significance that this question really holds. A query pondered by various marketers looking to find the perfect solution to their influencer marketing campaign. One which causes much confusion and skepticism when put into practice. However, when you think about it, there is really not much to get confused about.

The initial step is to solely separate each concern to its own. Firstly, what is celebrity endorsement? Well, to break it down, this involves two parties: A famous celebrity and a brand. The idea behind celebrity endorsement is to associate the fame of this particular celebrity with a certain brand. Reason being, once you have an idolised figure promoting your products, people are obviously going to want to buy them. Not a bad idea, Huh?

Although influencer marketing has many similarities,it is not quite the same as celebrity endorsement. This highly effective digital marketing practice differs since it is a word-of-mouth advertising technique which targets individuals within specific circles. A very effective form of marketing to say the least! Well, there you have it. All you need to know about influencer marketing and how it could be of great help for the growth of your business. Was this blog of any assistance? We’d like to think so. Feel free to get in touch today – we’re here to help!

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