Developing the digital presence of a top UK based nutrition company

The Client

Tom Oliver Nutrition is a UK based health and nutrition brand that provides premium quality nutritional products to their clients around the globe. They pride themselves on sourcing the best and most sustainable ingredients, aiming to make a difference in their customers’ lives by helping them feel great – both physically and mentally.


Tom Oliver approached Growth Gurus to help develop their brand identity and digital presence in a way that reflected their premium products and their mission to help support their customers’ healthy lifestyles. We were entrusted with the strategy, creative direction and execution of the project in order to breathe life into the Tom Oliver brand.

Our Approach

Brand Strategy Workshop

We started with a half-day brand discovery workshop to really dive deep into the long term goals, values, audiences and vision of the business. These in-depth exercises helped guide our strategy and creative direction for the project.

Brand Positioning Strategy

With the results from the workshop and a hefty amount of research in hand, we set about developing a communication strategy for Tom Oliver Nutrition in order to define the brand’s unique positioning in the market, while providing guidelines on how the brand should communicate with its audiences via digital channels.

Studio Photography

Once the creative direction and positioning were solidified, we kicked off the execution of the project at the studio with 4 separate studio shoots, allowing us to overhaul the outdated product photography on the website and brand imagery used for social media with photography and imagery that better suited Tom Oliver Nutrition’s brand identity and values.

Content Development & Social Media Marketing

To carry forward the brand’s new positioning in the market to its consumers, we began developing and sharing new content on social channels that would resonate with Tom Oliver Nutrition’s core audience base.

Awareness Campaigns

To ensure the new content was being amplified on social media and seen by the right audiences, we set up an on-going awareness campaign across Facebook and Instagram to drive awareness and brand recall amongst consumers in the UK.

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