Building a stand out brand & online home for KastellVP

The Client

KastellVP was set up with the sole purpose to coach small and medium business owners on how to break through the ceiling, grow their business in a healthy and sustainable manner, in order to fulfil their dream. They are passionate about transforming businesses to leave a positive impact on the lives of their owners and those around them.


KastellVP approached Growth Gurus to create a brand and digital home that reflects their vision and purposes.

Growth Gurus were entrusted to define their messaging, create their identity & brand, develop their online presence and empower them with the tools to grow their business. We developed a strong relationship with the management in order to truly understand their objectives and ensure that we delivered beyond expectations.

Our Approach

Brand Strategy Workshop

During the discovery workshop we dove deep into the long term goals, values, audiences and vision of the business. These in-depth exercises helped guide our strategy and creative direction for the project so that we could create a brand story for KastellVP that truly matches their values.

Brand Positioning Strategy

With the results from the workshop and a hefty amount of research in hand, we set about developing a communication strategy for KastellVP in order to define the brandโ€™s unique positioning in the market, while providing guidelines on how the brand should communicate with its audiences via digital channels. We created a concept for the brand with a modern twist on medieval times. We incorporated a fort which represents peopleโ€™s businesses and KastellVP are there to protect the fort. We also visually represented the journey that KastellVP has a vision of taking their clients on.

Website Development

We implemented unique features as we moved forward from the branding process to building the website. It was important to define the user experience and the vision of KastellVP through the website. We created a powerful online home for the new brand and their audience

Social Media Marketing

We created social media templates for KastellVP and empowered them with all the necessary tools in order to grow their new business through social media and online marketing.

Client Testimonial

We are only happy when our clients are 100% satisfied!

Liam Pace headshot

Growth Gurus did a fantastic job at translating our vision and purpose into a unique brand that stands out. We are extremely satisfied with the developed brand assets and functional website that bring the brand story to life in a refreshing way.

Liam PaceCo-Founder

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