Increasing Direct Bookings For The Phoenicia Hotel

How we generated an 11x Return on Ad Spend for the Phoenicia Hotel.

The Client

The Phoenicia Hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels on the island. The hotel is seen as an iconic landmark, recognized as both an architectural treasure and an esteemed hotel – forming part of “The Leading Hotels of the World” as well as being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Phoenicia Hotel was experiencing difficulty growing through their paid search campaigns. They approached Growth Gurus to help capitalize on their brand name and set the goal of doubling their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) while reducing their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and solidifying their paid search acquisition strategy.

Our Approach

In order to  increase direct bookings via the Phoenicia Hotel website we focused on optimizing the client’s paid search campaigns across the Google Search Network. The project was split into three phases; an audit on their existing ads and strategy, a discovery campaign to enable successful scaling of their ad budget and finally on-going campaign management and optimization.

Campaign Account Audit and Strategy

By developing a deep understanding of Phoenicia Hotels SEM efforts, we were able to craft an in-depth SEM strategy fueled by their data from previous campaigns and website analytics.

Discovery Campaign

Our testing phase focused on trialling different combinations of keywords and phrases using a mixture of exact phase & modified broad match keyword variations.

Campaign Management & Optimization

Once we found successful pairings we scaled our campaign and set up unique campaigns per target country.

Each specific campaign was made up of unique ad copy to suit each individual target country, merging high-quality keywords with emotional triggers and localized language.

The Results

In the 5 months we worked together, we helped Phoenicia end their over reliance on external booking agencies and more than double the revenue generated through paid traffic sources.


Decrease in CPA

Over the course of the campaign we were able to reduce the client’s Cost Per Acquisition by 38%. This was achieved through our tried and tested process of search campaign optimization, including negative keyword optimization, A/B testing and effective budget scaling experiments.


Increase in Revenue Generated Through Paid Search Traffic

Our efforts from the Discovery Campaign really started to bear fruit once we began scaling The Phoenicia Hotel’s search campaigns, enabling us to more than double their online revenue from paid search traffic.


Return on Ad Spend

Across the total campaign duration we were able to achieve a 11X return on ad spend across all paid search campaigns, meaning that for every €1 of advertising costs we were able to generate €11 in return.

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