Skyrocketing Nolah Mattress’ Online Traffic By 900%

The Client

Nolah is a sleep technology company based in the United States. The brand is on a mission to improve their customers’ sleep and mattress shopping experience. Their signature Nolah AirFoam Mattress is sold exclusively via their online shop at


Nolah approached Growth Gurus to help end their over-reliance on affiliate marketing channels by growing traffic to their blog and boosting their organic rankings.

The online mattress industry in the U.S is filled with big players, but not many bigger than the online mattress affiliate websites.These online affiliates hold a tight grip on the market by dominating the Organic Search rankings for popular keywords in the mattress niche. They then direct this traffic to retailers, charging a hefty commission price on each sale they generate. Our mission was to circumvent the affiliates by increasing Nolah’s organic search rankings and traffic.

Our Approach

Nolah had been spending a lot of time and money on their content marketing efforts. Sadly, as is the case with so many other businesses, this effort was not translating into an increase in organic traffic to their blog. Our approach to help solve this problem was threefold:

SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

  • SEO audit into Nolah’s blog to identify shortfalls of the website and their overall SEO strategy
  • Keyword research into Nolah’s industry and its competitors
  • Top pages analysis to find “quick win” opportunities to boost rankings
  • Identification of “low hanging fruit” keywords to target for faster results
  • Content theme identification and content marketing calendar
  • Link building strategy

SEO Content Writing & Training

  • SEO Training – Since Nolah already had a content writing team in place, we supported the execution of our digital strategy by training their team on SEO content writing
  • SEO Article Briefs – We supplied their team with detailed SEO article briefs for their team to follow, in order to maximize the performance of their content
  • Updating Old Content – Finally, our team of content marketing experts set to work on updating old content on Nolah’s website and blog to quickly improve current search rankings of ranked content

Link Building & Guest Posting

Foundational link building and guest posting was then used to boost authority of newly published content, improving the competitiveness on the search engine results pages.

The Results

Within 3 months we were already seeing some impressive results, showing that our keyword targeting and quick wins strategies were paying off.

As Nolah’s domain authority grew we continued to supply additional keyword research and article briefs for more competitive keywords to maintain momentum.

900% Increase in Monthly Search Traffic

Nolah Case Study Image 1

900% Increase in Monthly Search Traffic (2990 hits per month → 26,973 hits per month) with an estimated monthly traffic value of $43,500!

29,000 New Keywords in the Top 100 Search Results

We increased the amount of keywords that Nolah was ranking for on Google’s Top 100 Search Engine Results Pages by a staggering 29,000 keywords in just a year!

We also managed to push a further +2,834 keywords into the Top 10 Google Search Engine Ranking, of which 820 of those keywords now hold a top 3 position in their relevant Search Engine Results Pages.

Nolah Case Study Image 2

1,200 New Referring Domains

Nolah Case Study Image 3

Back-linking was at the core of our strategy, generating 1,288 new referring domains to help boost organic rankings and traffic.

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