The Mission

Hudson Group recently entered the world of eCommerce and launched their new eCommerce website, HUDSON STORE. Their highly-skilled marketing team was now faced with new challenges of driving eCommerce sales and getting increased conversions.

The head of HR approached Growth Gurus to develop a customised training programme for their marketing team and data team. The management team at Hudson provided us with clearly-defined expectations which we used to formulate the learning objectives and courses.

The Training

The training was delivered over a period of 2 months across 5 modules – both remotely and at the amazing Hudson Group Headquarters.

The kick-off session was a 2-day Digital Marketing for eCommerce Workshop for the full Marketing Team which included 8 interactive exercises. We also ran a 3-hour Digital Marketing for eCommerce Fundamentals Session for the full Data Team. It was an important factor that both teams are aligned and speaking the same language.

The overview training course covered digital marketing strategy, user engagement, paid social campaigns, retargeting, PPC, audience definition, analytics and market research. Following this, we will have 4 deep-dive sessions at a more advanced level.

We then split up into more specialised teams and delivered 3 advanced deep-dive training and workshop sessions:

  • Advanced Paid Social Media Campaigns
  • Google Search & Display Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimisation for eCommerce (SEO)

“Not just something you can learn by reading online”

The sessions were “hands-on” and “not just something you could learn by reading online” – just as requested! We got our hands dirty and got to work. We co-strategised and even launched new campaigns during the advanced workshop sessions.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this training programme, the following learning outcomes were achieved:


Social Media for eCommerce

Strong understanding of Paid Social campaigns with a focus on Facebook and Instagram for eCommerce businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation

Practical hands-on approach towards increasing rankings through technical and content-driven SEO.

Understanding Remarketing

Understand the remarketing process of digital marketing, set up remarketing audience lists and re-engage potential and existing customers.

Implementing Pixels

Setting up and running a pixel strategy, creating your advertising funnel, leverage the power of remarketing.

Measuring Performance

Setting up conversion tracking and implementing tracking codes in order to be able to measure performance.

Analytics & Optimisation

Analyse and understand analytics key metrics and identify campaign optimisation opportunities.

Display Advertising

Set up a Google Ads display advertising campaign from the ground up.

Audience Targeting Strategies

How to find the right audiences for paid advertising campaigns to improve return on ad spend.
Hudson Group Digital Marketing Training with Growth Gurus


This type of work is so encouraging and rewarding for us! We love sharing our experience and knowledge in the digital marketing field. With great pride and a sense of fulfillment, we issued, signed and presented over 40 Growth Gurus Digital Marketing Certificates to the Hudson Group team upon completing their training programme. 

The response from the team was outstandingly positive! The team is now equipped to achieve great results in eCommerce digital marketing, Paid Social Campaigns, SEO, and PPC. The amazing energy and high level of participation convinced us that the learning journey will go well into the future and will continue to deliver fruitful results for Hudson Group for years to come.

The training provided by Growth Gurus was an eye-opener to us and helped us shift our approach, making our campaigns more effective. Differently to simply being theoretical, Growth Gurus run their own very successful campaigns and were therefore able to pass on their best practices – this made a world of a difference!

Yolande Svensson,Corporate Marketing Manager

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