Creating a brand identity and developing an online presence

The Client

NSERVE provides a varied portfolio of online slots, roulettes and other products to the iGaming industry. NSERVE holds a special agreement with Amatic Industries, allowing them to be the go-to for some of the most sought after games on the market. They provide over 100 proven HTML5 games in multiple languages, many currencies and which are ready to use in all major certified markets.


NSERVE approached Growth Gurus to define their brand identity and to develop a significant brand presence through a website that serves as a platform to bring established slot floor games to their global audiences. Through the successful launch of their new brand and website, NSERVE commanded the credibility they deserve and earned the trust of their audience.

Growth Gurus continued to work with NSERVE to help them raise awareness around their brand through creating engaging branded multimedia promoting their games. With all the essentials in place it was time for NSERVE to scale their reach: this is when Growth Gurus took on the responsibility of managing their social media channels to help NSERVE reach their audience.

Throughout the process, the Growth Gurus team worked closely with NSERVE’s senior team to get them closer and closer to their desired future state through a flexible and dynamic collaboration.

Our Approach

Brand Strategy Workshop

During the discovery workshop we worked closely with the management of NSERVE to make sure our team understood the goals, future desired state and vision of the company. The exercises carried out allowed our team to create a brand that NSERVE identified with proudly. Normal just wouldn’t suffice here. There was a hunger for something more that was both serious yet playful.

Brand Development

Our branding team created a relevant & exciting brand for NSERVE that stands out and clearly represents the company. The brandmark is a representation of a casino slot machine in motion, with the dot in the logo representing the lever on the slot machine. The team worked closely with NSERVE to express their vision of the brand through evolving colours and updates to the brand development.

Website Development

Once the brand identity was defined, the web development team worked on creating an engaging website to showcase the brand and to provide NSERVE with a platform to promote their portfolio of online games. The website was updated based on studying the industry and implementing new features while keeping the site aesthetically simple.

Content Creation

Our production team created a vast array of content for NSERVE including video promotions for each new game. Along with the video promotion, we also developed an article for each game showcasing the unique attributes of the game. We delivered content for account managers and sales team to use in their promotions and on social media.

Event Strategy

Growth Gurus worked together with NSERVE to create strategies for both online and offline events. The strategy included executing digital marketing campaigns to attract the right audience to meet at large events as well as providing strategies for maximising their time spent at events.

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