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The Top 5 Content Marketing Predictions For 2017

By October 12, 2016April 17th, 2020No Comments
Growth Gurus Digital Marketing The top five content marketing predictions for 2017

Predictions, predictions, predictions…. That formidable forecast about the future. The odd question ‘what do you think will happen next?’. Whatever the topic, predicting the future is always quite a gamble, but hey, planning ahead might just give you the kick start you most desperately need.

In the digital marketing world, it works exactly the same. You research, release then rectify, and with regards to content marketing, it’s always a good idea to get ahead of the game. Here’s how 2017 looks in the mind of a guru.

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1. Video will be crowned content king

It is pretty clear that 2016 had its fair share of video content, and in respect to 2017, the future of video is looking rather bright. This fundamental tool is one of the most engaging forms of content and is a core element behind every successful SEO strategy.

Any digital marketing expert can confirm that video marketing is rapidly on the rise, therefore it makes perfect sense to take advantage of a mechanism which is performing so well. They say ‘never change a winning formula’, and in relation to video marketing that is absolutely on point!

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2. Content marketing will surpass traditional advertising

As more time passes, the more traditional advertising is slowly diminishing. With the rise of digital marketing and the power of the internet, it is clearly evident that the future of marketing is online. Content marketing brings many benefits to the table as it results in more social traffic, better SEO and increased conversion potential.

Hence, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to further invest in such an effective marketing technique. It is already a known fact that many brands are spending more money on content marketing as opposed to traditional advertising. This suggests that 2017 has a lot in stall for us content marketers. To sum it up – The future is brighter if you’re a content writer!

3. Marketing with memes, gifs & infographics

Over the past couple of years; memes, gifs and infographics have pretty much dominated all social media channels, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop anytime soon. From the famous Liam Neeson ‘I will find you’ meme, to hilarious movie scene depicted gifs; Who doesn’t love a bit of humour to spice up their online experience?

Everyone loves to laugh, and if you can implement a certain degree of wittiness into your content marketing, then you are bound to get increased interaction and better engagement. As for infographics, such an intelligent bit of content marketing! Having a visual form of information or data relevant to what you are selling is a perfect way of sending out a clear message. It’s worked in 2016, and we’re pretty sure that we will be seeing a lot more of it in 2017!

4. The rise of Influencer Marketing

Since social media stepped into the digital marketing scene, we’ve seen many different brands associate themselves with certain key individuals in order to generate more business. Having a popular public figure regularly promoting your brand through social media is actually a brilliant idea! and it’s proved to be vital for various companies during 2016.

Lord & Taylor implemented influencer marketing in their social media content strategy when they used 50 famous models to pose with the same dress and post it on Instagram. You can just imagine the result. Yep, the dress was immediately sold out over the weekend! There you have it – expect a lot more influencer marketing in 2017. It’s powerful, its social, its alluring and it works!

5. Even more mobile marketing

Welcome to the generation of mobile optimisation! Mobile marketing is significantly booming, so you better make sure that all your content is easily digested on a mobile device! Otherwise, it is highly likely that you shall encounter some major issues in the near future, my friend.

Nowadays, everybody has opted in through mobile phone. Wherever they are and whenever they want! Users have the entire internet in their pocket, literally. So why not take advantage of that? Whilst developing your content marketing strategy ensure that it is made available to everyone, no matter what device they are using! It’s actually very simple and can make a hell of a difference! 2017 has some huge plans for mobile marketing, so you better take note.

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