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Getting the Message about Workplace Massage

By December 16, 2016April 16th, 2020No Comments
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Growth Gurus meet Mobile Massage

Sunday night, we receive a random message on our group chat, nothing out of the ordinary, we’re used to emails and chats at all times of the day and night as the non-stop thinking, tinkering Gurus share their ideas and passions with the rest of the team!

As we arrive at the office everything seems to be a typical Monday morning. It’s 11am we’re all smiling (apart from Chris), catching up and discussing our weekend antics till the lovely Roberta Zammit knocks on our door. As she walks in, she unzips her jumper to reveal her t-shirt, sporting the most amazing three words anyone wants to see on a Monday Morning. “Mobile Massage Malta”. Our eyes lit up, and suddenly the message all became clear!

josh pippa alex and roberta mobile massage growth gurus digital marketing malta 2

A morning with Mobile Massage

Our amazing massage therapist, Roberta Zammit from Mobile Massage Malta, arrived with quite possibly the biggest smile we have ever seen on a Monday morning.

Our office meeting room was instantly transformed into a spiritual den. Who knew, it only took a massage table, scented candles and relaxing music to build our own personal haven, the perfect getaway room for each of us to individually slip away into a state of pure relaxation.

josh mobile massage growth gurus digital marketing malta

Workplace Massage is good for business

A healthy team is a happy team, and we’re not shy about discussing what we do in and out of our office and love sharing our company culture with the world. We’re always looking to improve ourselves mentally and physically and really believe that workplace massages are a step in the right direction for any company. For us the recipe is simple. 15 minutes of unwinding massage therapy every now and again to truly revitalise and stay on track. If you’ve got any inspirational ideas for us to try out at the office – let us know!

Here are 3 points about the benefits we’ve found after today’s session.

Increased focus and energy

We like to consider ourselves a positive team, full of energy and drive. That said, Monday’s aren’t our most thriving days. That is until Roberta showed up. Just like that our gloomy Monday morning instantly turned into a booming Friday afternoon.

Relieves headaches

Did you know that headaches are decreased by an average of 48% during an onsite massage? Seemed to work for our relations specialist Pippa who was recently complaining about chronic headaches.

Alleviates lower-back pain

Since we spend the majority of our day glued to our desks constantly thinking and putting our ideas into practice, we tend to get a couple of strains here and there. What better way to alleviate lower-back pains than a soothing massage on a Monday morning? You know it’s going to be a good week when Roberta’s at the office.

josh pippa alex and roberta mobile massage growth gurus digital marketing malta

All in all, we’re so happy we experienced the Mobile Massage parlour with Roberta and can’t wait to have her back. When we first read “Wear comfy clothes tomorrow” our brains went everywhere from Paintball to Graffiti to just ensuring we were comfy on a Monday, we’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.

After asking her what she thought of us we were delighted to hear that Roberta felt right at home and enjoyed her time with our team.

If you’re a decision maker in your company – make the right decision and treat your team! If you’re not the decision maker, pass this on and get them involved too!!

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