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Our top 5 Christmas adverts of all time!

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit so we decided to review our favourite Christmas adverts!

With Christmas literally just days away and the festive season back in full swing, we thought it would be nice to give that little Christmassy touch to our next digital marketing blog. I mean, why not? It’s Christmas after all, everyone’s in high spirits and who doesn’t love the gorgeous festive adverts that grace our media at this beautiful time of year? I sure do.

Throughout my childhood days, I personally used to adore any Christmas advert that was displayed on my old, chunky Panasonic screen. The sight of santa on his slay complemented by Mariah Carey’s southing ‘All I want for Christmas’ festive hit; totally ravished my childhood dreams. Fast forward around 17 years and nothing’s changed at all (besides my Panasonic screen, it’s now a 52 inch, Philips bad boy).

From the vintage Coca Cola Christmas advert to the more tear jerking John Lewis classics, Christmas is hand’s down the merriest time of the year which is loved by most people, especially those who form part of the magnificent world of marketing. That’s right, I’m a sucker for the festive period and an even bigger sucker for the memorable adverts that come along with it. Here are my top 5 favourite Christmas marketing campaigns of all time!

5. Irn-Bru Christmas Advert (2007)

Occupying the number 5 spot is none other than the famous 2007 Irn-Bru Christmas advert. With it’s perfect balance of dark humour and wittiness indulged with an emotional flair, one can’t not love this heart-felt Christmas classic. ‘Walking in air’ is the iconic backing track to this festive episode in which a young boy is seen soaring the night’s sky with a snowman who appears to steal his soft drink. Whoever saw that coming? The usual holiday marketing campaigns tend to create a more soul-stirring effect, however the Scottish soft drink specialists had slightly different intentions.

2. Coca Cola Christmas Advert (1995)

There was never any doubt that Coca Cola were going to be featured on this Christmas blog. Seriously, if you’re a 90’s kid like myself, then you can’t help but picture Santa Claus with a classic Coke bottle. His bright red suit complements the trademark white on red Coca-Cola logo so perfectly, it just had to be done. This year marks the 21st anniversary since their 1995 jolly, lit-up Christmas advert which took the meaning of holiday marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

1. John Lewis Christmas Advert (2011)

Finally without a further adieu, topping my list of Christmas marketing campaigns – Drum roll please….. I’m pretty sure you’ve guessed correctly, it’s John Lewis Christmas Advert from 2011 titled “The Wait”! This festive ad portrays a young boy eagerly waiting for Christmas day, so that he can give his folks their beloved presents. Who else but John Lewis? If there was a crown for the title of ‘kings of Christmas marketing campaigns’, these guys would surely be wearing it. Their 2011 Christmas advert just had to top my list. It’s the all time champion of tear-jerking that will even make Chuck Norris cry.

There you have it! My all time top 5 favourite holiday marketing campaigns which are bound to put a smile on your face this festive season. On behalf of the Growth Gurus’ I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Let’s see what 2017 has in stall for us!

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