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Facebook Live Video. Here is everything you need to know

Facebook is without a doubt the largest social media platform around. From its early days back in 2003 to its current operations, Facebook has taken the social media sweep by storm.  Facebook Live Video is the latest element which has been dominating this social network over the last few months and is pretty much the next big thing in social media marketing. Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Live Video.

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What is Facebook Live Video?

It’s 2016 and it seems like live video streaming is taking its toll on the social media scene. We’ve seen it via Youtube’s live video feature, and now even more evidently through Facebook Live Video. This incredibly cool live streaming functionality allows users to broadcast live videos using their smartphones.

From pages to profiles to groups and events, Facebook Live Video is the perfect medium for getting your message across in real time. The process is simple – hit the new status button above your Android or IOS Facebook App followed by the live broadcast button, and boom you’re live! Don’t forget to write a compelling description to really add some oomph to your Facebook Live Video and maximise those views.

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Why is Facebook Live Video good for marketers

No matter which brand you represent and what story you are trying to tell, you most definitely have to implement Facebook Live Video into your social media marketing strategy. Facebook marketing is all about delivering relevant content to the right audience, & what does the job better than through live video?

That’s right, streaming Facebook video allows brands to drop their corporate veil, connect on a more personal level and allow users to engage in brand storytelling ways which empower the consumers experience beyond belief. Put your people first. Use this social media marketing strategy to ask questions, get answers, provide solutions and ultimately smash your Facebook marketing goals.

How does Facebook Live differ from other live-streaming options on social media?

It’s no secret. There are plenty of live video streaming apps out there but Facebook Live Video, Youtube, and Periscope are undoubtedly the leaders of this great social media streaming wolf pack.  Although they do have much in common, there are some considerable differences which really separate each to its own. If you’re wondering what these contrasts may be, this blog can be of great help for perfecting your next social media marketing strategy. In my opinion though, what makes Facebook Live Video so dominant over its competitors is the fact that it’s the largest social media platform to seize the internet. Therefore,  it is more likely that your live Facebook video will be seen by a much wider audience.

On the other hand, Youtube is ideal for brand’s whose viewers are predominantly on Youtube. It could also come in handy for brands looking to broadcast across several platforms. However, keep in mind that native video reigns supreme and Facebook’s algorithm will not display videos linking to other websites as frequently.

On to Periscope. Well, the main difference between Periscope and Facebook Live Video is the network. It all boils down to one simple question. Which platform best suits your social media marketing? A query whose answer depends on which social media network your audience is using. That being said, Periscope is the favourable live streaming option for Twitter users, while, Facebook Live Video is obviously for the Facebook followers and is ideal for brands looking to tell their story through Facebook marketing.

What are the best Facebook live features?

It’s fair to say that Facebook is full of surprises. You may wake up one morning, log into your account, notice some drastic changes and ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming or is this actually happening?!’ It’s happened before and it will surely happen again. Well, that’s Facebook for you – A social media platform which never fails to amaze. So too with it’s latest Facebook Live Video. Here are some of it’s greatest features which could also be of huge help during your social media marketing regime.

Invite friends

This feature allows users who are already tuned in to invite their friends to watch the same live Facebook video.


Due to the uniqueness of this content marketing marvel, Facebook Live Video has its own notification system. This is automatically set to ‘on’ for all Facebook users.

Live reactions

This social media streaming giant allows users to react in real time using their famous six emoji reactions!


Facebook Live Video broadcasters are given the option to use filters for their live stream. There are 5 different filters to choose from! Try out these filters in your next live social media marketing campaign.


For those looking to discover fresh content, live maps is one of the latest social media features which has been incorporated into Facebook Live Video.

How to use Facebook Live Video?

Going live for the first time? Not to worry, It’s a very straightforward process. Facebook Live Video is rapidly on the rise, so why not take advantage of this Facebook marketing mechanism and use it to target your audience a bit differently. Test and tweak your social media marketing strategy to best achieve the results you need, so how about trying something new?  Live broadcasting is the way to go and is recognised through its famous red icon which is situated at the top left corner of your screen. The word ‘Live’ is displayed right next to this red icon and tells you exactly how many people are watching your Facebook video. Here’s how it works!

  1. Tap on ‘Live’ button at the top left of your screen
  2. Write an eye-catching description
  3. Select your audience of choice
  4. Go Live!

Once you go live you’ll be able to see how many people are viewing, which friends are watching and how viewers are reacting.There you have it! All the essentials needed to go live. A truly exciting new Facebook feature which could really add value to your social media marketing. You best check it out for yourselves!

5 tips for using Facebook live

As mentioned earlier, getting started on Facebook Live Video is not a troublesome process at all, in fact, it’s very easy to use. Here are a few tips from a Guru’s perspective to really nail your social media marketing game!

Plan your live broadcast

No matter what you’re doing, planning is always a good idea to get the job done effectively.  They say failing to plan is planning to fail, and in terms of Facebook Live Video that is absolutely on point!

Make sure you have a powerful internet connection

There’s no point in going live if you haven’t got a strong connection. Make sure your Facebook video is sharp and clear. As soon as a viewers stream is interrupted due to a lousy connection, they will immediately stop watching, so take note.

Write a captivating description

Think about it, what adds vitality to your Facebook video more than a captivating caption? Nothing really. Get your creative juices flowing and add a memorable description that will inspire and get people talking.

Tag your location

Let your audience know where you’re streaming from via Facebook Live Map. Not only does it add more detail to your Facebook video, but it also increases the chances of getting more views. After all, the essence behind every social media marketing strategy is getting noticed!

Reply to any comments

As we all know, when it comes to social media marketing, engagement is everything. Marketing is a game of interaction and engagement, so better make the most out of it. Facebook hints at saying ‘hello’ to commenters by name and then replying. I mean, if the social media kings are saying it themselves, we might as well obey!

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