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Whats trending- Episode 2

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Digital Marketing Agency Malta Episode 2

How the latest digital trends have affected this digital marketing agency in Malta

In September, there were many digital marketing trends that got this digital marketing agencies attention. Google introduced their new Map search ads, Facebook video was now a must use tool in social media marketing, and of course how hashtags helped improve your social media engagement across different platforms.

The month of October presented us with even more opportunities to explore. It seemed to be the month of content marketing and social media marketing. In this blog, we looked at how October affected this digital marketing agency in Malta.

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Content marketing is arguably one of the most rapidly changing fields in digital marketing today. Predicting the future of content marketing can be quite a gamble. That said, planning ahead doesn’t hurt , and will certainly help this digital marketing agency in MaltaSo what are our predictions for content marketing in 2017? Well for starters, video will be officially crowned content king! 2016 may have already been video’s year, but we predict great things in 2017 for video marketing. Another prediction of ours is that content marketing will soon surpass traditional advertising. As a digital marketing agency, we recognise the clear benefits content marketing has over traditional advertising. Have you ever heard of influencer marketing? With the rise of social media marketing, various brands have associated themselves with key individuals in order to generate more awareness for their business.

Want to find out more about Content marketing? Read our full blog on the top 5 content marketing predictions for 2017.

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In September we wrote a blog about the 6 steps this digital marketing agency was taking to grow our Instagram followers. This time, we decided to focus on one of Instagram’s latest features; Instagram Stories.

Brands are modifying their social media marketing strategies to incorporate Instagram stories, and none have done a better marketing job than the listed 5 below.

  • Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes AMG F1 are a perfect example on how to use Instagram marketing. Mercedes use their Instagram channel to cover events in real time and show behind the scene footage.
  • Loft are killing it with their Instagram marketing strategy. They use their social media channel to host challenges with a clear aim of increasing brand awareness.
  • GoPro, a personal favourite of this digital marketing agency. GoPro use the Instagram stories feature to send out even more unique and amazing content.
  • Playstation are using the Instagram feature to promote games and tease their Instagram followers with unseen game content.
  • Whole foods make up this digital marketing agencies favourite brands on Instagram. They have adapted their social media marketing strategy to show potential customers what’s new in store.

For those of you interested in Instagram marketing and the above brands, read our full blog here on  the 5 brands who are rocking it on instagram stories.

5 reasons why Influencer marketing is the next big thing

Influencer marketing is currently doing its rounds within digital marketing with many believing the form of marketing is the next big thing. Well, this digital marketing agency in Malta certainly agrees. Here is why we believe influencer marketing has what it takes to be marketing‘s next big hype.

Influencer marketing targets the right audience. Digital marketing statistics have shown that a great percentage of brands acquire better consumers through the use of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing boosts SEO. Influencer marketing isn’t just about promotion. It’s about finding long-tail influencers through strong data sources.

Influencer marketing builds trust. Marketing research finds that knowing people personally increases trust in their opinions, even if that connection exists online.

Many people still think that influencer marketing is just some fancy name for celebrity endorsement. Far from it. Celebrity endorsement is where fame is associated with a certain brand. Influencer marketing on the other hand is a word-of-mouth advertising techniques which targets specific individuals.

You can read our full blog on the 5 reasons why influencer marketing is the next big thing here.

Everything you need to know about Twitter’s new character update

Twitter’s latest update is certainly welcomed by this digital marketing agency in Malta and across the world. Twitter has finally updated its character count and we couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s what you can expect to change from the social media giant:     

  • Responses.  When replying to a particular tweet, the Twitter handle you are replying too won’t be included in the new 140 character count.
  • Media attachments. Images, videos and GIFs won’t be counted  as characters within your tweet. That means you can push as much content on the social media platform without reducing or rewording any captions.
  • Retweets. You can now retweet your own tweets! Perfect for any marketing manager looking to post an update to a previously tweeted statement.
  • @Names.  Replies on Twitter will no longer be tucked away. Twitter’s new update will make your replies and conversations visible on your timeline.        

Of course, if you work in marketing, you need to know how to take advantage of Twitter‘s 140 character update. From using more visual content to quoting yourself, you can read our detailed list on how to take advantage of the social network update here.                                                     

That pretty much sums up how October affected this digital marketing agency, we are curious to see how it affected you. Let us know what social media marketing trends have inspired you, or what content marketing predictions have modified your marketing strategy.           

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