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10 ways to use Snapchat for business

Social media is all about conversations. You talk and you listen. Snapchat allows you to do exactly that and is the perfect way to unveil your brands story. This trendy photo messaging software allows its users to easily talk to friends, view live stories and explore the latest news via its Discover feature. With its vast array of editing tools and functionality, this social media application has fast become one of the most entertaining mobile mechanisms to grace the smartphone world.

That said, various brands have also joined in the fun; using this social media app to share compelling content through live stories. With over 100 million active users, Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most powerful social media tools to date; and a key ingredient behind every brand’s social media marketing success.

Here are 10 ways how to use Snapchat in marketing to build an engaged following and boost your brand’s visibility.

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1. Go behind-the-scenes

Take your Snapchat fans for a tour behind the scenes and show them exactly how you get down on a daily basis. Whether it’s in your office, warehouse, canteen or staff party; it doesn’t matter! The whole purpose of sharing this content is to make your followers feel more connected to your brand and build a stronger consumer relationship.

2. Share promotion codes

Spice up your fans social media experience by throwing in a cheeky promo code every now and again to truly keep your audience on edge. Snapchat advertising can really work wonders for your social media marketing if done correctly! Take frozen yoghurt chain ‘16 Handles’ for instance, one of the first brands who took advantage of this unique social mechanism. They used Snapchat’s photo feature to promote their frozen delicacy to their followers by using coupon offers for discounts between 16% and 100% off. You can just imagine the results!

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

3. Give exclusive sneak peeks

How about a sneak peek for the Snapchat freak? What I find incredibly amazing about this social media app is the power that lies within its live story feature. Its video element is around 10 seconds long which is just about the perfect time period for painting a clear picture in your consumer’s mind and really get their creative juices flowing. Use Snapchat advertising to send out your message and keep your followers curious as to what is yet to come.

4. Give VIP access

Back in the day, the people of the past weren’t blessed with the awesome technology that we have nowadays (poor fella’s). Picture New York Fashion week back in the 70’s when the Bee Gee’s were rocking their famous bell bottoms. Now picture it today – Fast forward 46 years, add a couple of flashy attire and affix all the latest technology. That’s right, with Snapchat – you don’t have to be a celebrity to know what’s going on backstage! This social media phenomenon allows you to give your fans VIP access to all your exclusive happenings.

5. Run competitions

Digital marketing is all about interaction and engagement. In this regard, social media is the perfect medium for achieving such vital results. That’s where Snapchat could be of great help! Run a contest whereby your followers are urged to snap photos of themselves using a product or even visiting one of your outlets. For example, if you run a fast food restaurant offer something like a 20% discount to whoever comes up with the most creative snap of their meal. I’ve seen my fair share of competitions, and when it’s relevant I’d always participate. Turns out luck is never on my side, but hey, that’s life – you win some, you lose some.

6. Promote your event

iHeartRadio’s music festival in Las Vegas is a great example of how brands should promote their events on Snapchat. This world renowned music fiesta hired none other than Ryan Seacrest to present the line-up via the social media app which really got fans thrilled about the concert shenanigans. This campaign performed so well that they experienced over 340 million Snapchat impressions in just two days. How about that for Snapchat advertising!

7. Connect with your audience with native content

When it comes to native content, Snapchat is undeniably one of the most unique social media tools around. There’s no point in simply duplicating content from Instagram or Facebook, as Snapchat offers its users an entirely different social experience. Something which you must always keep in mind when creating content to ensure that it’s specifically designed for the Snapchat platform.

8. Create partnerships with influencers

Global energy drink leaders Red Bull aren’t solely focused on giving you wings, in fact, there’s so much more to their marketing game. Canadian snowboarder and X Games champion Mark McMorris was given full access to Red Bull’s Snapchat account to provide their followers with a unique insight into what goes on in his daily regime. The decision to collaborate with the athlete was purely down to Red Bull’s support for the extreme lifestyle, which produced some fascinating and unforeseen content for their followers to enjoy..

9. Tease followers with new products

Snapchat is literally the champion of building hype, creating excitement and most of all TEASING your followers about any new or upcoming products. Through the use of images and video, you can truly up your fans curiosity factor to the highest levels, and if done correctly; generate that much- needed chatter and buzz which will drive the response you’re looking for.

10. Use Snapchat’s unique lenses

Have you recently checked out Snapchat’s unique lenses? Boy oh boy, now that’s what I call mobile entertainment! With its multi-editing features, Snapchat took the definition of social media fun to a whole new level. From the grim reaper to a gladiator, monkeys and Hello Kitty, Snapchat allows its users to transform themselves into a diverse range of characters. Take this as an opportunity to create amusing content for your followers to enjoy! After all, everyone loves being entertained right?

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