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The relieving feeling of sound

It is safe to say that here at Growth Gurus, Josh and Alex never fail to surprise us with a spontaneous team building activity to brighten up our day. From fitness days at the gym to our monthly dose of massage therapy, we surely can’t complain! This time, however, they had slightly different intentions in mind. Having told us all to bring a towel the day before, we still had no idea what to expect.

An afternoon with Jain Wells

A gloomy Tuesday afternoon was quickly turned into a glorious one when the clock struck Guess who came knocking on our door? We were all so excited to find the lovely Dr. Jain Wells, one of our very first clients who specialises in gong meditation; fully equipped with possibly, the coolest sounding gong we’ve ever seen, and an even bigger smile on her face. It was at this point that we all knew we were in for an office treat.

All the towels were laid, and the scene was set. For the first time ever, our office corridor was completely transformed into a colourful meditation haven. To say we were excited is an understatement. Our Content Marketing Analyst, Cara, simply couldn’t wait for the session to begin!

gong meditation jain wells growth gurus 1

Jain took her position at the forefront of the corridor, as the rest of us, comfortably chose our spots to embark on this 45-minute journey of sound wave healing. We were each provided with bean-filled eye covers to really delve into the spiritual vibe and enter a state of pure recreation.

gong meditation jain wells growth gurus 2

Meditation is good for the mind

The first hit of the gong certainly set the pace, releasing a wave of sound, which was sure to spark much creativity and imagination. As our eye’s shut, we individually dove into our own unique worlds, given the ability and freedom to think of whatever it is that’s occupying our minds. Being such a passionate team with a deep love for everything that we do and one another, we each focused on our inner intentions, whether to be more efficient, to be more creative, to remember to make time for ourselves or to simply relax, we all found our inner peace and focused on using gong meditation to be where ever it was we needed to be. We can’t really explain it, you need to experience it for yourselves.

Here are 3 points about the benefits we’ve found following Tuesday’s meditation session:

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1. Meditation enhances creativity and self-expression

Since we work in such a creative industry, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve ourselves mentally. Whether it’s through health and fitness or massage therapy, we are always seeking new challenges, especially if it helps on a personal level to relax, which really and truly allows us to be the best Gurus we possibly can be. Healthy mind, healthy body and vice versa.

2. It improves concentration, memory, and productivity

Three crucial elements for every successful company in the world, no matter the industry! Everyone gets a little bit distracted here and there; it’s part of human nature. Especially if your designer has some really bad taste in music and unfortunately, loves to share it with the rest of the office. (*cough* *cough* Christopher :D )

3. Improves health – alleviates depression, lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. For us, it’s an absolute must and a Guru way of life. As part of our company culture, we strongly believe that a healthy mind is a happy mind. Therefore, we do whatever we can to make sure that our team stays motivated each and every day of the week.

Overall, we couldn’t be any happier to have experienced our very first ‘Gonging’ together as a team. It definitely wasn’t our last! The after effects were simply amazing. We all felt so relieved and ready to return to our desks full of energy, drive and a bundle of new ideas to share with the world.

P.S.< was one of the very first websites we made officially as Growth Gurus, so thank you Jain for your consistent belief in us.

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