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Ah, good old Valentine’s day, a time of sheer romance, affection and a whole lot of cheesy video marketing! Whether you’re happily in love or you just love being single, Valentine’s is surely an emotional holiday that means different things to different people. As for the business side of the spectrum, the 14th of February is yet another incredible date for stealing your customer’s hearts away. From flowers being delivered to a lifetime of kisses and so much more of that heart-warming fuzziness, here are our all-time favourite Valentine’s day campaigns!

5.Uber Valentine’s day ad (2013)

Firm at number 5. The on-demand car service kings Uber with their uber loving Valentine’s day campaign titled “Romance On Demand.” Oozing affection with the ideal Valentine’s gift. This love-filled video marketing advert makes it clear that one definite way to a woman’s heart is through a bouquet of red roses. With Uber you can go the extra mile and have them delivered straight to her door. Talk about a romantic gesture!

4. Ford Valentine’s day ad (2015)

We just couldn’t refrain from squeezing Ford’s 2015 Valentine’s day campaign into our top 5 list. The American auto manufacturer took a slightly different route to the staple romantic Valentine’s promotion. Shying away from all the emotion and romance, Ford decided to take a few unsuspecting lads for a ride of their life. Combining blind dates with fast cars and a beautiful stuntwoman in this speed dating video marketing ad that reeled in over 4.1 million views.

3. Cesar Valentine’s day ad (2013)

There’s no stronger bond than that of a man and his pup. Cesar’s Valentine’s day campaign from 2013 proves this completely right. In this sweet Valentine’s video marketing tale a senior man and his West Highland Terrier spend the day in companionship, wandering around the town until they visit the grave of his late wife. After taking a moment to lay flowers, the dog then comforts his owner by licking his palm. Oh, so soul-stirring, this Valentine’s promotion was always going to make the grade.

2. Vodafone Valentine’s day ad (2013)

Vodafone’s Valentine’s day campaign titled “The Kiss” is so emotional that you might just shed a tear (or two). A heartfelt Valentine’s promotion showing two love birds sharing their first kiss and happily growing old together. Following this intimate moment they morph into a young couple, moving into adulthood until they finally become grey and old but with a stronger love than ever. Kudos to them! The message behind this Valentine’s day campaign is that all good things should last forever. Vodafone sure did hit the nail on the head with this purely intimate video marketing advert.

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1. Netflix Valentine’s day ad (2016)

Oh boy, here come the Valentine’s giggles. Topping our list for the number one Valentine’s day ad of all time is Netflix. It just had to be.
Comical to the bone, just how we like it. Netflix used the power of video marketing to hilariously tell a story of a guy who will do whatever it takes to know exactly what his crush is watching. Stalkerish much? Kinda. This extremely amusing Valentine’s day campaign sure did put a smile on our faces. P.S – Their version of 500 miles is pure genius!

That concludes our favourite Valentine’s day campaigns of all time! We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Whilst we do not consider ourselves to be love gurus, we are pretty good at video marketing. Should you need an effective video marketing strategy in place, feel free to get in touch. We would love to help.

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