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Our Focus

  • Build Powerful Brands

  • Increasing Brand Exposure

  • Generate Increased Direct Bookings

  • Develop Purpose-Driven Websites

Our Approach

Intertwined visual and digital strategies to maximize ROI

Malta is renowned for its hospitality industry. With a range of beautiful hotels both home-grown and international chains providing their clients with outstanding services. Our role is to help hotels in Malta reach their audiences, max out their bookings and develop loyalty clients. We are proud to have worked with Malta’s top hotels and sharing our experiences with those who are just starting up by defining their branding, building their websites and setting up their booking engines. We’ve also brought great results to some of Malta’s hospitality industry giants. Check out some of our results below in how we’ve helped attract the right audiences to the right hotels to help them grow.


Iniala Harbour House has brought an unprecedented level of luxury and experiential travel to the Maltese Islands. Growth Gurus worked hand in hand with their marketing team to help launch the brand across the islands. Our work together focussed on capturing each detail that makes the hotel the incredible place that it is. Together we coordinated photography and videography of events including the Prime Minister’s inauguration, increasing Iniala’s online presence by an average of 250% month on month, as well as increasing followers at an average rate of 100% month on month.

ION enjoyed a similar uptake with an average increase of engagement by 3000% and increasing followers by an average of 367% per month.


The Phoenicia Hotel

The Phoenicia Hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels on the island. Growth Gurus was called in to help capitalize on their brand name and set the goal of doubling their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) while reducing their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and solidifying their paid search acquisition strategy.

Through the implementation of an in-depth PPC campaign and daily optimization techniques, we helped bring The Phoenicia’s CPA down by 38%, achieving a ROAS of 11. Comparing our results from the previous campaigns run by an external agency, we saw an overall increase in revenue by 105%.

21 Frederick Street

21 Frederick Street opened its doors for a new spatial and textual experience, an experiment in search of authentic and memorable moments celebrating a local contemporary lifestyle set within a traditional Valletta Palazzino. The boutique hotel needed branding that echoed the hotel’s elegance and sophistication and a website that encapsulated their story and served as their primary booking engine. With a brand like 21 Frederick Street, it was important for us to create an experience that represented the businesses core values and excited potential customers in an environment which screams exclusive, informal luxury.


123 Mainstreet Boutique Hotel

Growth Gurus were entrusted to design and develop a new brand that resonates with the team’s values and stands out in the heart of St.Julians. A brand that attracts fast paced beings who love to live in the heat and need the right place to support them.

With their brand in hand we developed a website that takes audiences from first sight to full booking.

Corinthia Hotel Group

We teamed up with the stellar internal marketing team at Corinthia to undertake a comprehensive analysis of their website, analytics and SEO. Our analysis provided insights and recommendations split between 4 main categories: Technical SEO, Content & User, Mobile and backlinking. From our analysis and audit, Cortinhia carried out mass changes dedicated to improving their SEO and domain authority.


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