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How Creatives Are Changing The Face of Digital Marketing

By July 2, 2019July 28th, 2020No Comments

When brainstorming strategies on how to generate leads for your business or boosting brand awareness, you wouldn’t really think creatives have much to offer. That’s the world of content marketers and data analysts after all. While creatives have always had an important role to play in digital marketing, as time passed data analysis has hogged most of the limelight. But the way to creating really engaging and memorable advertisements science and art need to come together. Read on to see how the likes of Nestle and Caesars Entertainment have made break-neck advances thanks to their use of creatives!

Capturing your audiences’ interests

In today’s world of noise and static, it is becoming increasingly harder to stand out from the crowd and getting your voice heard. Several people will choose to skip an advertisement if it doesn’t grasp a viewer’s interest within the first few seconds. Enter the creatives, whose skills and natural talent help to create a story that people will want to follow rather than skip. The beautiful thing is that your audience is already telling you what they want, their searches, their history and their habits online are all key signals which you should be listening to.

One of the most widely consumed mediums is video. Youtube itself is a terrific tool for driving intent and generating leads, with over 5 billion videos being watched every day. But to cut through that crowd you’re going to need to hone in and target your main audience directly. Knowing your audience means that you can generate high-quality content that speaks to them personally. To put this into tangible terms, if your audience is interested in travelling then you should be creating advertisements which speak to the travel enthusiasts directly. Use footage from around the world, show your audience the places they want to see. Target their needs, target what they like to do. We tend to remember things that we like and that are aligned with our interests. Show your audience how your brand is aligned to their wants and needs!

Creating high quality and personalised content

Creating a personalised consumer experience, over a generic, one-size-fits-all ad, helps the brand become closer to their target audiences. Nestle designed 3 distinct, personalised ads which catered to a specific audience in their demographic. This type of personalisation worked wonders for their Dolce Gusto’s campaign, even with those viewers who would usually skip an ad. The result for Nestle was a much higher brand awareness with audiences remembering ads much longer than they would have, had it been a conventional advertisement. Is your business in need of a brand awareness boost like Neslte was? Here‘s how we can help you tell people what you have to offer! 

Caesars Entertainment used the custom affinity audience tool to find people who had recently searched for specific keywords and coupled this with a personalised and timely message. The result was an ad campaign which truly resonated with their audience, with a stunning 60% view-through rate.

According to research 86% of consumers say that personalisation plays a role in their purchase decisions, with 62% having chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience. So, what does this mean for your business?

Enter the Creatives

Team up with creatives, explain to them your target audience, brainstorm, figure out what they like, what other, similar interests could they have? What sort of social media platforms do they frequent? What is their preferred medium? (Although we spoke about video earlier; there are other audiences who would relate more to written content or photography). Once you and your creative team have decided on the best way to approach your audience, you’ve settled on the mediums and right social media platform, then the task of designing a high-quality and personalised ad can begin!

It’s all about creating an experience for your audience, one which they not only relate to but one which aligns with their own gestalt. Would your audience relate to something dramatic or comical? Would they find something animated over something realistic to be more interesting? Just like a good boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to know what your partner really likes.

Where and how can you find creatives? During Art classes, our teachers would always say everyone can be creative and it’s true! Call for ideas from every employee of your company, Bob from accounting might have developed his own unique insights which could be turned into a creative masterpiece! This also has the added benefit of getting everybody on board and adding more ideas into the mix. Inspiration has a habit of appearing in the least likely of places!

Once you’ve got all of your different ads, painstakingly and lovingly crafted to suit their respective audience’s needs, what’s next? One way to enhance your reach is to coordinate your advertisements to capitalise on what’s trending at the time. But unless you’re some sort of Messiah (or Guru) it can be very hard to hit that sweet spot. Are you advertising to travellers and teenagers? If so, are you presenting content that is relatable to them? Is your content generic or personalised? People will forget generic ads faster than you can produce them. If you want to create personalised content you’re going to have to relate to your audience. Choose the right moment to release your ads, for instance, if you’re targeting travellers or teenagers then advertise during events like Coachella and other festivals. Remember though, consumers are always on, they are making purchase decisions throughout the whole year. Which means you need to be constantly updating your content to keep up with the times.

In the beginning, we may have dismissed the analysts, but the truth is you need both art and science in marketing. From Nestle’s DolceGusto to the “Fearless Girl” campaign, art has a way of leaving a lasting impression on us. Creativity has been relegated to the back seat for the past few years, but thanks to companies which have experimented with their ad campaigns, we’ve seen what can happen when we let creativity take the wheel!

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