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10 Google Adwords Extensions You Should Be Using To Help Improve Conversions

By March 20, 2019July 28th, 2020No Comments

Whenever you want to find something, you use Google. Your clients are the same, they want things, and they want those things fast.  Thanks to some well thought of, engaging design, you can tweak your website to make it easy for customers to find your site. If you want people to know about your business then you need to make sure that Google loves you.

That means optimizing your website, making sure you have a high click-through rate (CTR) and maximising your PPC strategy. Adwords extensions are just the next step to making sure that your website comes up first every time when people search for it. SEO is all about optimising your customers’, and potential customers’, browsing experience.

What are Adwords Extensions?

Long gone are the days when a search engine would just list a link to an article or the URL to a website. SEO is incredibly competitive, with websites vying for the top 3 spots.

The more a customer knows about your business, even before they click on your site, the better. It’s not enough to just have a catchy name for your website, Google’s adword extensions can help your potential client know exactly what deals and offers you have on, your address, what you have in stock and reviews before they’ve even visited your website. So when a customer clicks, they’re clicking to buy, not browse.

Google’s adword extensions help you to maximise the space your ad has, it gives more information to Google and more information to searchers. Whenever you use an adword extension, they get flagged and recognised by Google’s search extensions and are brought up within a search result. These are all designed to make for a better browsing experience! If you want to be loved by Google, then here are 10 Adwords Extensions you should definitely be using!

Sitelink extensions

People might be looking at your website, but that doesn’t mean they’re buying. Whenever your website is searched for, you want your customers to go off Google and visit your site as quick as possible.

With Sitelink extensions, you can direct the flow of traffic to their desired pages directly from the search results page! The more customers know about your business, your offers, your prices, the better.
By placing links to your page underneath the primary result, you can reduce the time clients have looking around and instead lead them exactly to where they want to be. And the faster your client can find what they want, the sooner they can buy.

Call extensions

Some people still prefer to call over sending a message or writing an email. Be it to find out more about something or ordering food. Sometimes they’re returning clients who didn’t save your number. The fact that people search for a phone number on Google means they expect to find it. Immediately.

Chances are if a client has their heart set on calling then any time spent hunting for a phone number on your website will be wasted on them. Using call extensions allows clients who are searching for you from their phones to call directly from SRP with the push of a button.

Message Extensions

On the other end of the spectrum are people who prefer to text overall. This Google Adword Extension will be displayed on mobile devices and allows mobile users to text with you directly from the results page.

Use it alongside the Call Extension to appeal to everyone. Both do who like to text and those who like to call.

App extensions

As amazing as the internet is, browsing through a website on your phone is still a bit janky. Several businesses have opted to create their own personal app. And why wouldn’t they? A well-designed app is meant to give users a streamlined experience, where all features are clear and easy to use.

If you have your own app you’ll want clients to use it as much as possible. That’s where clients will have the best experience! The Adwords App Extension sets up a shortcut to installing your application whenever people search for it. Setting up your iOS and Android conversion tracking also helps you to monitor and tweak your app!

Review Extensions

For most of us, new things are scary. Whenever we try buying or using something new, we always look for reviews. To gauge other people’s experiences. To check whether we like something or not.

By showing your reviews proudly as soon as people search for you is like a doctor hanging their certificates in their office. It gives customers a sense of ease, other people have tried this and it was great.

A good review is a certification of excellence. Let your customers know that.

Callout extensions

Improve your CTR and conversions. Use Callout Extensions.

A good callout is a short and snappy way to get customer’s attention. This Adwords Extension lets you put a short callout underneath your search. You should use it to let people know your unique features, that set you apart from the competition. Things like “Free Shipping”, “Organic Food” or “Premium Quality.”

You can also set particular callouts to appear for specific searches. Someone searching for delivery is more likely to respond if they see “Free Shipping” and someone looking to buy gifts will be more interested in promotions.

Location extensions

This Adwords Extension is absolutely essential if you have a physical outlet. One of the first things you want your customers to know is where your business is, your opening hours and how to get there.

By appearing on a Google Map search, Location Extensions means people will be able to plan a route to get to your store with ease. Besides, giving your address to clients helps to make your business more legitimate, and your customers feel safer.

Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, you can still make use of this extension. By combining it with a callout you can advertise for In-Store services.

Affiliate Location Extension

If you have multiple locations, then it doesn’t make sense to give someone in the U.K your American addresses. If anything, it might push prospective clients away as they look for other, closer brands.

This Extension works hand in hand with the previous one. The Affiliate Location Extension makes sure that the closest locations to a client’s search appear on their results.

The best thing about this Google Adword Extension is that once you set it up, Google runs it for you!

Promotional extensions

Everybody loves a good bargain. Sales and promotional offers are an excellent way to draw people’s attention. We just can’t resist when something is half off! Just like shops would have massive “50% off” signs outside, you need to advertise your offers.

Once activated the Promotional extensions displays your discounts and special offers. This is even more effective on mobile devices, where the extension appears clearly next to a price tag. If your clients know you’re having a promotional offer, the more likely they are to buy now!

Price Extension

Listing your prices blatantly might seem counterintuitive. Such transparent pricing could potentially decrease traffic, but it won’t decrease conversions. This means that the clicks that are happening, are translating into sales. What’s the point of having several clicks, but no sales?

By using the Adword Price Extension, you’re guiding more qualified traffic. It is highly recommended to list at least 5 items to be featured for the greatest impact!

Structured snippets extensions

People need to know who you are and what you offer. Structured snippets appear underneath callouts. They tell customers more about your company or business.

Fundamentally, people need to know that what you offer, is what they need. Otherwise, you’re just drawing in the wrong people. If you want to improve your conversions, then you certainly need structured snippets extensions.

Dynamic Structured Snippets Extension (Bonus)

Several of Google’s Adwords Extensions have the option to be customised manually or automated. The best thing about these automated extensions is that Google will automatically add information to your landing page! This happens when a user’s search matches your landing page. Be sure to check out the differences between automated and manual extensions, to see which one is right for your business!

The best thing about these Google Adwords Extensions is that they all try to improve your search results. Which is something you should already be doing! Making the most of Google’s Adwords Extensions will help to give you the return on investment you need. But if you really want to maximise your PPC campaigns you should consult with a professional marketing company. Get in touch today and find out how to make your company grow with GrowthGurus!

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