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Why Video Marketing is important for your business

By July 24, 2018August 3rd, 2020No Comments
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Given that video is the most widely consumed medium, it should come as no surprise that video marketing has bypassed other forms of content and become the key tool to get your message heard and reach your audience.

An optimal video marketing strategy can mean the difference between a thriving flow of traffic or a slow trickle. Video marketing has shown, time and time again, when effectively used, can help boost sales, double marketing ROI and, most importantly increases your rank higher on Google and other search engines. 

Incorporating video as part of your strategy will provide you with more raw data, such as click-through rate, drop-off points, or the number of times watched. Video technology has advanced year on year, allowing marketers to drill down to an individual level. 

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Video marketing can help boost conversions and sales

Video can help play an important role in guiding your audience down multiple stages of your conversion funnel and onto your website for a conversion. As the online world incorporates more and more video, it’s critical that your marketing efforts are geared towards a video marketing strategy which accounts for every stage of the conversion funnel.

Nothing catches one’s attention quite like an engaging video and the statistics behind it are quite staggering, around 64% of users convert due to video. Incorporating compelling and entertaining videos as part of the top of the funnel will help you create awareness by positioning your product or service as the solution. As your leads are nurtured and become more interested in your product or service, a compelling video can help convince your customers that what you offer is of greater value than that of your competitors. 

Increase your marketing ROI with video

Fundamentally it all comes down to the dotted line, does video marketing yield a return on investment? The short answer yes. When done right video marketing can help meet a businesses objectives, with  83% of businesses relying heavily on the tool to help increase their marketing ROI. 

A fundamental mistake that many marketers and businesses around the world make is the notion to try to create a viral video. It’s incredibly hard to predict virality sucess and can be a strain on your resources. Instead, focus on creating a quality video aimed at a specific niche within your industry.

When using social media as one of your platforms it is important to note that people tend to share emotions rather than facts. We are a story-telling species, after all, so creating video content that fosters a narrative and resonates emotionally with your audience is more likely to be shared over a bland but informative presentation, 76% more likely to be exact. Increasing traffic to your site is one of the main ways of expanding your business and increasing your ROI and the most effective way of doing so is through a creative and gripping video marketing strategy.

Build trust and relationships through video marketing

Ever since Youtube’s explosive growth in 2005, video has become the easiest and most commanding medium. Facebook’s addition of auto-playing videos further proves the point that a post with a video is more likely to be noticed than one without.

By its very nature video gives creators a wider set of tools with which to build stronger relationships with their audiences. Intrinsically video marketing offers the capability of using a tone of voice, music, animation, sound effects, facial expressions all of which help to illustrate and create a more engaging narrative. This helps to develop an authentic bond with your clients, one which is less likely to be forgotten and much more likely to be shared and seen.

Keep in mind that people are much more interested in watching a short and entertaining video rather than simply reading about a product.

Rank higher on Google

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation involves optimising your website to suit a search engine’s criteria. Adding a video to your website increases the odds of reaching the front page on Google by 53%. Of course, it’s never just as easy as that, it is imperative that the appropriate steps are taken to ensure that your videos are optimised for SEO, for instance adding appropriate descriptions and linking back to your product. This not only helps to improve the production value of your video, but it also helps Google’s search spiders to identify and understand your video as relevant to the search. 

Appeal to mobile users

Several video marketing campaigns are no longer limiting their advertising to one device. Statistics have shown that over 80% of adults aged between 18 and 49 tend to use multiple devices at once. As a result, restricting your video marketing strategy to just one device is akin to putting all your eggs in one basket.

Smartphones and phones with access to the internet have seen a steady incline in use in recent years. They provide an excellent platform for video marketing as people can access your video anywhere and at any time, be they waiting for the bus, at home relaxing, while in a queue or at the airport. For better or worse, we are all permanently connected to the virtual world; Your content has the potential to reach audiences on an unprecedented scale. Even something as simple as optimizing the time at which you release a video can have huge implications on the number of people reached.

Another thing in favor of mobile users is that smartphones are actually more adapted to stream video rather than a text-based webpage. We already mentioned Facebook’s auto-play feature for videos, but consider how your smartphone automatically rotates and plays videos in fullscreen to help facilitate the user. These subtle variables have helped to condition us to actively seek out and usee video. Millennials have been found to spend over 3 hours daily browsing the internet on their phones, if your video marketing strategy does not cater for mobile users then you’ll find yourself at a considerable disadvantage.

Engage and explain through video marketing

Within the education industry,  video has become more and more prominent as it is the ideal medium for engaging and explaining as it stimulates our senses far more than static text. Through the use of video marketing software, one can create content which connects with its audience and helps to create a stronger relationship between your brand and the client. There are a number of ways one can utilise video;

  • Informative videos to describe a product
  • How-to and educational videos
  • Videos embedded in an email
  • Live-streaming
  • Creating a narrative for your product

Whatever your preferred approach, your content has to create value for the viewer. Video helps to immerse and create the impression that the viewer is part of the experience within the video. The more interactive the video, the greater this sense of participation within the viewer. It is this sense of participation which anchors a client or an employee to a brand and fosters loyalty to the brand.

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