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7 Ways To Improve Your Ranking On TripAdvisor

By June 17, 2016April 17th, 2020No Comments
Growth Gurus Digital Marketing 7 Ways to Improve Your Ranking On Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the world’s largest travel sites with millions visiting the site each month to plan their trip! Being on TripAdvisor will allow your business to thrive and increase your current exposure on a large scale.

Having said that, just being “present” on TripAdvisor is not enough. You need to make sure you are active and that your listing represents your business!

For those of you who aren’t too sure just how exactly to take advantage of TripAdvisor, we have put together a step by step guide on how to stand out and rank higher. Of course, if you want more than a guide, we are always available for a chat on how we can utilize your TripAdvisor listing and help your business grow.

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1) Thoroughly check all your details

Now we know this is practically a vital step on just about any social media platform, but you wouldn’t believe how many errors and limitations occur from inputting incorrect details. Make sure all your contact links are accurate and current. Think about the effect on your business. What happens when customers try to contact you through an invalid email?

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

2) Add a full detailed description

As a general rule, the more detailed the better. Have you ever come across a hotel with just one or two lines of information? It can be quite off putting. The more information your page has the more likely potential customers will engage with you and choose your services.

Remember, on TripAdvisor you are competing with countless of other similar businesses. Use as much information to help stand out from your competitors.

3) Make use of photos and videos

Viewers on your TripAdvisor page want to know what to expect when they visit your hotel or restaurant. What better way to show off your business than with photos and videos?

Yes, both photos and videos are perfect when it comes to giving potential customers an inside view that isn’t quite possible with text. The more photos and videos on your listing, the better! Did you know that listings with 30 or more photos have a 41% more traveler engagement than listings with 10 images or fewer?

Once you have uploaded a couple of photos, make sure you select one as your primary photo to help make a strong first impression!

4) Get your business on the map!

If your business isn’t on the map, how do you expect travels to get to your location? Many potential customers look for ease (as well as comfort), so making sure they can find you is absolutely vital!

To get your listing on the map, you firstly need to find your businesses exact longitude and latitude decimal coordinates. You can then update your location through the Management Centre. This will usually take between 24-48 hours for the correct map to appeal.

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5) Encourage your customers to write reviews

Reviews are what make people choose your listings over your competitors. The more reviews your business has, the more information they can go over before making their final decision.

6) Display your TripAdvisor listing

You want your customers to know you are on TripAdvisor! That way they can leave you a great review online. Request a TripAdvisor sticker and proudly display it on your shop window or reception!

7) Respond to ALL reviews

Always keep an eye on what your customers are saying about you. If there are positive reviews, great! Commenting shows that you appreciate customer feedback and pay attention to what customers say. Received a negative review? Not the end of the world. Reply to the post and show that you take their complaint seriously. Demonstrate how you are going to fix the problem and persuade them to try visit again.

Now that we have gone through our 7 important TripAdvisor steps, it’s time for you to try it out. Make sure that you take the appropriate time to update your TripAdvisor listing and that you constantly stay connected to your page. We can always help you grow further on TripAdvisor, just get in contact and lets get started on flourishing your page!

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