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Transforming Esports News Delivery through Branding and Web Development

Esports Grizzly, a prominent esports news website, is on a mission to provide the esports community with reliable, up-to-date, and unbiased news and information. Rooted in values of trust and knowledge, the platform is dedicated to fostering a culture of information and respect within the dynamic esports industry. However, the challenge lay in their existing cluttered website, which lacked a user-focused approach, hindering conversions. Recognising the need for change, Esports Grizzly sought our expertise in brand development, website design, and development to revamp their online presence and enhance the user experience.

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The Results

Our collaboration with Esports Grizzly began with a complete website redesign, focusing on enhancing user experience and conversion rates. The new design embraced a modern, responsive custom theme and layout, aligning with the brand’s core values. Additionally, we integrated live odds per game through a custom solution, leveraging external APIs. This included dynamic header widgets and on-page widgets with flexible layouts, providing real-time match information and interactive links. The use of Gutenberg ensured full control, scalability, and performance, minimising reliance on third-party plugins. Migrating over 3000 posts from the old website was seamlessly executed, optimising content to fit the new website’s structure and taxonomy. We also designed and developed highly converting and customizable affiliate tables, meeting the client’s specific needs.

The transformation of Esports Grizzly’s website reflects their new branding, featuring a playful yet professional design with brighter colours and modern elements. Sections and pages were reimagined for improved user experience and navigation, bolstered by an enhanced URL structure. The backend offers robust usability, empowering all access levels to manage sections and pages effectively. The integration of affiliate tables significantly boosted conversion rates while providing customisation options, aligning perfectly with the client’s objectives. This collaboration has positioned Esports Grizzly to continue delivering top-tier esports content while engaging users and driving conversions, staying true to their values of trust and knowledge in the esports industry.

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