The Client

Active Spirit is a local health & fitness business run by Angele Satariano. Their mission is to empower people to take control of their health and live fit and healthy lives. We’ve worked with Angele in various stages throughout the growth of her business, supporting her across each stage of the digital transformation journey and helping her realize her dream of taking her offline business online!

Angele transforms peoples lifestyles and their bodies. Here’s how we’ve transformed her online business.

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The Active Spirit Website

Angele Satariano first reached out to Growth Gurus as her existing site lacked the flexibility and functionality that she needed, and was difficult for her to update and maintain. Being trapped and having no control is frustrating!

Our goal for the new website was to develop a user-centric website that allowed Active Spirit’s customers to learn about and book classes directly through their website, while being flexible enough for Angele to update and maintain the site autonomously. Equipped with her new online booking engine, Angele was also provided the training she needed to take full control of her website and manage it autonomously.

The Re-Branding

3 years later, Angele felt like it was time to rebrand Active Spirit and take the brand to the next level, with big plans ahead… What an exciting stage to guide a business through!

Our rebranding process starts with a deep, half-day brand strategy workshop where we uncover what really matters to the brand, map out the vision and create the foundations of the brand strategy. The insights that were retrieved from this workshop were outstanding, for both our branding team and the key Active Spirit stakeholders.

We build brands with meaning and depth. There’s a lot more than just an awesome icon incorporating the letters A and S behind this brandmark. In line with the values and strategy of the brand, the icon creates a number of paths leading to the highest tip of the triangle. This acts as a metaphor for the path that clients undergo to better themselves.

The sharp, angular turns in the path represent the hurdles that we all face when trying to find the drive to persevere. There are no short-cuts to fitness, the path must be followed completely. There are multiple paths to reach the desired goal just as are different ways to achieve your fitness goals. This helps to emphasise the holistic approach to fitness with Active Spirit.

The Digital Workout Platform

It was always a big dream of Angele’s to offer online workouts to anyone, anywhere in the world. Here, we can confidently say that we made this dream come true!

With the new brand in place, we further evolved the Active Spirit website into a digital learning platform, allowing clients from anywhere in the world to purchase and follow her classes from the comfort of their own home.

This e-workout platform has allowed Angele and her fitness instructors to continue making an impact on people’s lives, whether in the gym or at home. A solution that can be celebrated during these times of social distancing. Having unlocked a potentially global audience and also a fully scalable revenue stream, the sky is the limit for Angele and Active Spirit.

Growth Gurus have been there throughout the whole process, from the website building to the rebranding and creating the online workout program. It has been an amazing journey, I am so happy I have fulfilled my dream of taking my business online!

Angele Satariano,Active Spirit Founder

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