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The Top 5 Habits for Social Media Success

By December 9, 2016April 17th, 2020No Comments
The top 5 Habits For Social Media Success

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there are various thoughts occupying my mind at this particular time of year, and 2017’s social media marketing strategy is definitely one of them! Yep, December is finally here, and that much anticipated festive feeling is back. However, nothing excites me more than rocking our social media A-game!

We live in an exceptionally digital era to say the least; where social media plays a critical role in defining a brand’s overall success. That’s right, this powerful digital marketing technique is no longer optional, it has grown to become a vital part of every modern successful business. Here are our top 5 most beneficial social media habits!

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1. Set Clear Social Media Marketing Goals

First things first, to truly make the most out of your social media marketing, you must initially define what your objectives are. It’s all about figuring out what works for you and further capitalising on it. Set clear goals, define your KPI’s and deliver meaningful content that is bound to steal the hearts of all your followers!

Before you achieve social media success however, you primarily need to devise a plan, pointing out each and every individual goal, whatever they may be. Once you have a clearer picture of such goals, begin to develop an effective social media strategy and act upon it.  They say that every journey begins with a single step, and in terms of achieving social media success, setting goals is your point of departure!

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

2. Track and Analyse Key Data

The digital marketing industry itself is all about tracking and analysing key data and tweaking your social media campaigns until you absolutely perfect them! See how your audience is reacting to whatever you’re posting and based on those results; think of ways how you could possibly switch it up to get a better response. Undergo a full blown brainstorming session with your social media manager and report any areas of concern which clearly need some extra attention.

Ask yourself simple questions which can ultimately make all the difference. Which social media platforms are my audience using? What sort of content do they like? At what times should I be posting? Look into age, gender, location and all other key demographics which are essential for achieving  social media success.

3. Post Content Regularly and Consistently

No matter what you’re doing, consistency is key! In order to truly master your social media game-plan you’ve got to nail two fundamental aspects – Posting regular content and maintaining consistency throughout. I mean seriously, if you’re posting a whole bunch of content without sustaining a consistent approach, then it’s just going to look plain, old silly.

Think about it this way, it’s not what we do once in a while that truly shapes our lives, but rather what we do consistently, over a long period of time. So too with social media marketing! Identify what type of content stimulates your audience, turn your ideas into reality and uniformly deliver it across social media channels where your consumers will actually see it. Make sure to implement this into your next social media strategy, and I can guarantee a whole “lotta” success heading your way!

4. Plan Ahead and Devise a Social Media Strategy

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Plain and simple. If you don’t have a concrete plan to back your social media goals, then just pack your bags and go home pal, because that ship has sailed! No questions asked. Plan ahead and construct a solid social media strategy that will transmute your objectives into actual, valuable and profitable results!

Plan your content, create it, schedule your posts and ultimately smash your social media marketing goals! Nowadays, we’re even blessed with a ton of tools to help us along our journey to achieving social media success. From Buffer to Hootsuite to AgoraPulse – the list is endless. Discuss with your social media manager, choose whichever floats your boat, devise a social media strategy, and make it rain!

5. Concentrate on Social Media Engagement

Rest assured, social media is all about interaction and engagement.  It’s a game of communication, listening and portraying the ideal image in the eyes of your audience. Social media marketing without engagement is just like a car without fuel, darn useless! So be sure to create compelling social media campaigns that entice loads of engagement; resulting in added value and business growth. You’ve probably heard it from your social media manager, but I’ll keep on stressing how important it actually is.

It’s all about activating your followers. Ask them questions, create competitions, get them involved and most importantly, make them feel connected! In the digital marketing world, it’s an absolute must. Engagement is the key ingredient behind every prosperous social media strategy, and an essential element towards fulfilling your ultimate objective, that being social media success.

There you go! The top 5 habits for social media success. Should you need a compelling social media strategy for your company, feel free to get in touch. Whatever your current position is, we would love to develop and execute an effective social media strategy for your brand to drive true results and business growth.

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