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Get Up To €5000 Compensation On Your E-Commerce Website With Growth Gurus

By June 20, 2020July 29th, 2020No Comments

Consumer habits have drastically shifted in just a matter of weeks. In order to ensure your business is prepared for these changes, it is now more crucial than ever before to make sure your business has a strong online presence.

Although your customers might no longer be able to visit your store in person, that does not mean they don’t want or need your products. Thus enabling your clients to purchase your products from the comfort and safety of their own home can provide your business with the edge it needs to survive during these uncertain times.

Thankfully, the investment does not have to be as steep as you might think. As one of the select digital partners of the eCommerce Grant Scheme in Malta, any eCommerce website built by Growth Gurus is eligible to claim back up to €5000 euro on their investment.

The aim of the scheme is to help SME’s invest in their eCommerce infrastructure to enable them to take their business’ online. The grant provides up to €5000 (with 50% reimbursement on all eligible costs) which will cover design, development and implementation of your eCommerce website and/or mobile application.

How Growth Gurus can help kick-start your eCommerce Business!

In order for your eCommerce site to be successful, it needs to be well-built and mobile-friendly. When it comes to your website, you only get one chance to make a great first impression, so you better make sure you’re doing it right! That’s where we come in. Growth Gurus is one of the select agencies that are qualified and approved as accredited providers for the eCommerce Grant Scheme in Malta.

Our trained team of web designers and developers are ready to transform your vision into a successful eCommerce solution tailored to suit your exact specifications. In today’s current climate, people are looking for the most convenient (and safest) way to make their purchase and thus search online for any products or services which appeal to them. That said, the presence of an online store not only helps you to retain existing consumers but also attract new ones, creating more opportunities for potential sales.

“A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.”

We pride ourselves on making our eCommerce websites extremely easy to use and for a customer to make a purchase with a minimum number of clicks and no complications at all.

Here are some of the recent eCommerce websites we have launched!

At Growth Gurus, business growth is the core focus of everything we do. Whether it’s through social media, content, video marketing or any other digital means, we ensure your business is represented online in a manner that is synonymous with your brand. One area in which we excel is eCommerce web development.

Utilise the power of an eCommerce website to reach a wider audience, expand your customer base and above all, increase your revenues. That’s where we can be of great help!

Looking for a brand new eCommerce website that is mobile-friendly, designed to perfection and built to convert into sales? Get in touch, we would love to deliver an intuitive platform that meets the needs of your business as well as your customers.


Costs Covered By The eCommerce Grant Scheme in Malta:

  • Domain name registration
  • Web Hosting fees
  • Design and web development of an eCommerce website and/or mobile application.
  • Content Management System (CMS) including any required licenses
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment integration
  • Other set-up fees

Digitally connect to your audience, by setting up your E-commerce website today! Thanks to this eCommerce grant and our years of expertise, it has never been easier (or more crucial) to create your virtual shop. Get in touch with us and together, we will find the best way to grow your business remotely!

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