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Digital Funding: Up to €10,000 for International Digital Marketing & Training – The Covid-19 Export Response Scheme

By July 10, 2020July 29th, 2020No Comments

The crisis came and Malta stuck together and got through it. To further help the country, TradeMalta has put together the Covid-19 Export Response Scheme.

The Covid-19 Export Response Scheme

TradeMalta is supporting companies who market internationally and may reimburse a maximum of 50% of eligible digital marketing/training costs of up to €20,000, which means you can get up to €10,000 back. 

Taken directly from TradeMalta.org

“If your international business has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might qualify for financial assistance from TradeMalta’s COVID-19 Export Response Scheme.

The scheme will help beneficiaries:

  • Invest in digital marketing channels to promote their products and services internationally;
  • Train staff in digital marketing tools through eLearning courses; and
  • Recover funds lost in eligible expenses related to trade exhibitions cancelled due to the pandemic.

The scheme can finance up to:

  1. 50% of eligible digital marketing expenses;
  2. 50% of eligible digital marketing training costs;
  3. 80% of unrecoverable funds lost due to event cancellation.

Applications for support measures 1 and 2 require the submission of an International Marketing Plan.”

We’re here to help with support measures 1 and 2. Digital Marketing and Training. 

If you know us already: Book a free strategy call with one of our directors and let’s get moving. 

If you don’t know us, here’s how we can help:

International Marketing Plan

The fund requires an international marketing plan which outlines the international scope of the campaign, its key objectives and its target outcome. Together we will co-create it, Growth Gurus will deliver your digital marketing plan including budgeting, platforms, audiences, creative direction, custom messaging, target markets, value proposition and more depending on your needs, goals and KPI’s. You will provide us with your human resources and production capabilities, and together, we will both ensure we are mitigating any risks and driving towards international success.

Make a choice – Digital Marketing or Training

The Covid-19 Export Response scheme gives you two options, to train your team or work with an agency to provide the services. We offer both options, as well as a hybrid of both to help you maximise your efforts. 

Once the plan is in place we will work together to use your resources combined with our team’s expertise to upskill your digital marketing. We offer deep dive fully customised training courses to get your team up to speed. While we do that, we can set up and execute your campaigns until your team is ready to take over.

Our team will support your business through the entire process, from supporting you with all required information for the application to developing your International Marketing Plan to delivering the required digital marketing or training services. 

How do I apply?

  • Book a free strategy call with one of our directors who will guide you through the whole process. 
  • Choose between educating your in-house team or outsourcing your digital marketing needs to Growth Gurus.
  • Receive a full proposal detailing the action plan on how to achieve your business objectives.
  • Team up with Growth Gurus to apply for the Covid-19 Export Response Scheme.
  • Keep Growing!

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