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Website Strategy

Website Strategy Overview

By gathering the data we have collected from our website discovery workshop we can formulate a strategy which is aligned with your business objectives and capitalizing on your existing assets to help drive more visitors to your website and keep them engaged.

We carry out extensive research in order to fully immerse ourselves and understand your business and industry. We conduct a deep dive of the competitive landscape and your target audience expectation from a strategy and design perspective.

By combining both qualitative and quantitative research, analysing your current website metrics and research on your competitors we derive the base knowledge needed to fuel the entire website strategy process.

By analyzing the way users interact with your website, how long they spend on your site and the overall structure of your website we deliver a plan to develop your website to be better, more relevant and most importantly, convert more.

Website Audit

In the audit phase we hone in on your website’s performance and identify what is currently working and what is not. This might be a high bounce rate on specific pages or low conversions through a particular channel.

We also generate new ideas on how to increase your performance in relation to your KPIs and design an actionable plan for your website and business growth.

Website Strategy Blueprint

In order to formulate a truly comprehensive Website Strategy we consider a number of factors, including;

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Creative Direction
  • SEO Analysis
  • Audience Definition

This results in a data-driven website strategy which is aligned with your business objective to drive more visitors to your website and keep them engaged.

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