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Website Power-Ups

Website Power-Ups Overview

Once your website is developed its time to super-charge it!

Using a variety of tools we will gear up your website to become a digital marketing and conversion optimisation powerhouse. Incorporating these key features your website will not only look good but give you the results that you need.

CRM Integration

Rather than having your CRM system operate independently from the rest of your infrastructure, you can build your website to function alongside your CRM.

This would mean that instead of inputting all of your data manually into your CRM system, this data would be added automatically as a visitor lands on your website. This sort of automation significantly reduces administration overhead and allows you access to instantaneous and up-to-date data.

User Behaviour Analysis

Our state-of-the-art software allows us to measure and track user behaviour as they visit your site.

By identifying the way a user clicks and scrolls through your site we can understand the way a visitor interacts with your site and the reasons behind their behaviour.

This allows us to tweak and optimise your site for maximum efficiency.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration goes beyond the simple addition of social share buttons. We analyse the most effective ways to integrate social media into your website to empower people to engage with your brand.

  • Social sharing
  • Embedded posts
  • Custom social media feeds
  • Social commenting
  • Custom open graphs

Live Chat

Live Chat allows you to engage with your audience the moment they visit your website.

By offering visitors an immediate and convenient means of communication you are drastically improving your customer service experience as well as a means of discovering customer pain points quickly.

We implement and set up a live chat tool which will enable users to chat with your team in real-time directly from any page on your website.

Multilingual Website Development

Ensuring that your message is understood in whichever language your audience speak.

Are you ready? Let’s prepare for lift-off.

We want YOU to book a free, no-obligation strategy call, so WE can share our insights with you on how to maximize your marketing efforts and digital growth.

Are you ready? Get in touch with us and prepare for lift-off! We anticipate great things ahead.



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