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Website Development

Website Development Overview

Beyond great website design, we will develop your website into a user-friendly and powerful marketing tool which will deliver results for your business! Your website needs to deliver purpose, tell your story and build trust with your target audience. We use the latest in modern web standards to ensure your website will drive meaningful results, and that it will scale with your business.

CMS Development

Over 30% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress – but that does not mean that they should look the same.

We leverage the WordPress infrastructure yet create websites that are uncompromised in style and easy for you and your team to manage. Being an open-source platform, WordPress offers a wide range of plugins and awesome features making your website capable of achieving (almost) anything.

The WordPress CMS offers a host benefits, including;

  • Multi-User access
  • Ease of Content Management
  • Scalability
  • Front End Editor & Back End Editor
  • User Management
  • Content Scheduling.

eCommerce Websites

Your customers’ shopping habits are currently shifting online faster than ever! eCommerce is the fastest-growing global retail market worldwide. eCommerce website development is so vital to your business.

Exciting opportunities open up to your business once you leverage the power of eCommerce. You can increase your online sales, cater to clients anywhere in the world, and directly calculate return on investment on all your paid social media campaigns.

Follow your interested potential customers around the internet with retargeting campaigns once they’ve added a product into their cart but not purchased it. Make the sale happen!

Our eCommerce development packages will enable your website to facilitate online sales from any device – be that desktop, tablet or mobile. Our eCommerce development packages include user login accounts and the integration of your favourite payment gateway.

Website Content

In order to improve your website’s ranking on search engine’s we design and create content which is both engaging and SEO optimized.

This involves making use of untapped keywords that will drive your website’s performance leading to increased traffic and an enhanced user experience.

Digital Marketing ToolKit

Our digital marketing toolkit can upgrade your website into a digital marketing power asset. This includes, Conversion pixel implementation which pings a visitors information, Retargeting which allows you to retarget your ads at people who have already displayed an interest in your service – as well as user behaviour heat mapping and content marketing functionality.

Google Analytics

In order to super-charge your website we set-up Google Analytics, a powerful tool that ensures that your site performs well on Google’s SERP. This gives us access to crucial insights, such as how many people visit your site, which websites are directing traffic to your site, how many visitors are being converted into leads or customers and which content engages your audience the most.

These types of metrics allow us to continuously streamline and improve your website for enhanced performance.

Website Management

You’ve worked hard for your new website – now it’s time for your website to work for you! We make sure that your website is well looked after in every way. We also provide you with the training required to be able to manage your website content yourself.

Nothing spells disaster for your reputation quite like a broken website. Keeping your website maintained is crucial in order to encourage continued growth and to strengthen your SEO and Google rankings. We regularly check your website for any possible issues that might arise while keeping it updated and relevant.

High-speed Website Hosting

To get your new site up and running quickly, we also offer our clients the opportunity to host their website on our servers.

By hosting your website on our servers we can perform daily back-ups for increased security, as well as SSL Certification which helps to establish a secure connection between your website and any visitors that land on your website.

Web Maintenance

We will keep your site maintained with the latest versions of all operating systems, updating plugins, security and malicious activity protection, up-to-date, to ensure that your site remains in perfect working order throughout the year.

Website CMS Training

Once we have designed, built and perfected your website we train your staff on how to fully utilise your new product. During this training your team will learn how to properly manage the new website and how to employ the content management system.

Are you ready? Let’s prepare for lift-off.

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