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Tech / Platform Setup

Tech / Platform Setup Overview

Successful digital marketing requires an infrastructure built for tracking, measuring, analysing and optimising. To develop this, we define the platforms you will be utilising, advise on your pixel strategy and create the reporting structure to be utilised across your platforms for holistic data-driven reporting.

We provide insights and advice for a huge variety of tools including Website platforms, eCommerce platforms, reporting tools, social platforms, tag managers, Ad-servers, DSP’s, CRM’s, online distribution channels, proposal systems and beyond. To leverage digital properly, requires the right tools set.

Social Media Pages

A company’s social media page serves as the first impression for many customers. Your social media page tells your consumers that your brand is active and aims to foster communication with its consumers.

This increases customer loyalty as well as promotes brand awareness. When setting up your social media page we include;

  • Page creation optimisation
  • Branded profile picture
  • Branded cover photo creation
  • Optimised descriptions

Ad Tech Setup

In order to run an effective digital marketing campaign, a specific range of software and tools are required. This Ad Tech allows you to analyse and manage your digital advertising efforts by collecting data, measuring ROI, gathering customer insights and optimising your campaigns.

Google Suite, Analytics, Adwords & Youtube Setup

Google services provide some of the fundamental services a digital business needs – from the basics of storing and synchronising files on the cloud to providing valuable data about your website performance, enabling you to run search and display ads through Adwords, or engaging with viewers and advertising on Youtube.

Implementing the right Google tool stack effectively is required for any business that wants to succeed online.

Pixel Utilisation

Pixels allow us to gather data on user behaviour when they visit your website. Pixels, as well as insights tags and codes,when implemented on to your website, landing pages, microsites and apps enable us to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

This allows us to find new ways to optimise your site for an improved visitor experience which in turn leads to a higher rate of conversions.

Reporting Structure

To empower our clients to make data-driven decisions we create a detailed reporting structure that analyses data and its correlation to your campaign goals.

We extract data from your PPC, SEO, website, CRM, landing pages and social platforms which we then blend and process in order to highlight campaign performance across multiple channels. This enables us to discover new markets which could ultimately benefit your business.

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Agenda Bookshop
Burger King
Wilkinson Sword

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“Clearly Growth Gurus isn’t just a marketing agency that can make your brand look nice, but rather a team you onboard as partners in your business. They understand your goals and help you share the vision you need to portray on the market.”

Clemence Dujardin

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“My wife always tells me I never give compliments out, so today I’m going to big up the team at Growth Gurus for smashing it with the new Melabis website. They’re not the cheapest but they’re definitely the best in Malta."

Damon Booth

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“Trust is good. Control is better. Not with Growth Gurus, however! It’s a relief to be able to trust someone blindly with your pre-show and live social. I found in Josh, and his squad, a reliable partner.”

Eman Pulis

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"Massive shout out to Josh and his awesome team at Growth Gurus. The sheer brain-power, innovation, dedication and (ridiculous) commitment they put into this project has been a humbling and faith-restoring experience."

Prash Patel
Force Agile

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