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Social Media Management

Social Media Management Overview

Everyday an estimated 45% of the population (3.5 billion people) login to social media. Reaching our audiences has never been so achievable.

We will create content and develop your message to be customised for target audiences. We will ensure your brand acts according to best practices on each relevant social media platform to help build a community of loyal fans and brand advocates, all with the added benefit of making your brand much more accessible to your audience.

Content Scheduling

An active online presence is key to standing out on social media and the best way to do this is by posting regular content.

Our social media team schedules engaging content that will resonate with your audience, whether its custom-designed graphics and animations, SEO articles or community updates. Our content scheduling service will help drive brand awareness and give you a strong online presence.

Community Management

Using social platforms is the perfect method to interact with your global or local community. These platforms allow you to cultivate a network in which you can connect, share, grow and most importantly be real with your audience.

In order to help you develop the strong customer relationships needed for success we identify the groups, the topics and the discussions on the right platforms. We set you up for success and enable you to share the best of your brand in the times that count, while continuously leveraging the right platforms to reach them on.

Brand Listening

For your brand to develop, it is important to devote as much attention to listening as to talking. Keeping up to date with what people are saying about your brand and industry, enables you to pivot and capitalise on key moments to get ahead of your competition.

Staying ahead keeps your brand relevant and establishes it as an authority within the industry. By identifying what issues your audience cares about, you can provide them with the means to solve their problems. This allows you to discover potential leads and engage with your audience in ways they weren’t expecting.

Ad Copy

In order to write truly compelling Ad Copy we first conduct a complete investigation of your target audience. This allows us to create ad copy that directly addresses your audience’s needs and highlights the benefits your customer will enjoy by making a purchase or engaging with your brand.

By creating effective ad copy your brand will benefit from increased engagement as well as increased lead generation.

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