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Media & Graphic Design

Media & Graphic Design Overview

Convey your brand’s message through visual design. Bolster your marketing and grab your customers’ attention with custom graphics or video content purposely designed for the channels that matter most to them.

Graphic Design

The art of transforming your message into a highly relevant, optimised, and (most importantly) rule-following image that is utilised on the channel it is created for.

Digital graphic design usually entails creating the same image in multiple formats to ensure it works across all display ads, websites, emails, social platforms, open graphs and beyond. Onbrand graphic design is a key essential to any successful online business.

Video Animation

Video is one the most widely consumed media types across the globe. Video animations enable us to share complex messages, in simple, bite sized videos. Video animations can be used as explainer tools, brand awareness ads, tutorials, social media posts, website backgrounds and so much more.

Our creative team will develop the script and storyboard, create and animate the assets, and merge it all together including sound design and the sourcing of professional voice-over actors to create a compelling visual narrative based on your brand guidelines to grab your audience’s attention and convey your message.

Through video animation you will develop a stronger brand identity as well as generate traffic for your digital marketing campaign.

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