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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy Overview

Fueled with a deep understanding of your goals, customers and competitors, we engineer a digital strategy that sets a roadmap to achieving your targets.

This is delivered in a multi-channel or omni-channel approach and caters to the key ingredients of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Paid Media Strategy

Promoting your brand through Paid Media, while highly effective, can quickly become expensive.

A Paid Media Strategy allows you to tactically utilise paid media to leverage the right platforms, media mix, message and budget plan to each your targeted audience and focus on the best return on ad-spend (ROAS).

Social Media Strategy

By brainstorming your company’s values, purpose and goals we develop a social media strategy which serves to guide your social media platforms to publish content which is in line with your business goals, consistent with your company’s tone of voice and engaging for your audiences.

Content Strategy

Content defines who your brand is online, what values your company holds and what message you want to share. Your content strategy will identify the ongoing content creation process including content types, target audiences, customer problems to address, key messages, USP’s, formats, call-to-actions (CTA’s), interlinked content and distribution channels.

All of which enables you to deliver high-quality and professional content to your audience to establish your brand’s authority and foster positive customer relationships.

SEM Strategy

Search Engine Marketing allows you to gain better visibility in a search engine’s result page through paid advertising.

An SEM Strategy presents an economic and efficient way with which to reach the widest audience through the most cost-effective means. By tapping into relevant keywords you can economically position your brand in front of your audience.

CRM Strategy

A well-developed customer relationship management strategy utilizes insights from your sales, marketing and customer service departments to create a cohesive plan which aims to drive sales and improve customer service.

It allows for the creation of a frictionless customer experience by identifying potential touch points throughout the customer journey.

Creative Direction

Our creative direction briefs act as a guideline for creative teams to follow.

These present easy-to-follow instructions for creatives in order to create content that is in line with your company vision and overall strategy without restricting their creative freedom.

It allows for the creation of a frictionless customer experience by identifying potential touch points throughout the customer journey.

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