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CRM Overview

Customer Relationship Management allows you to improve business relationships and develop a healthy relationship with your customers. The days of cold calling are over.

The right CRM will have your customers seeing email outreach as a friendly check-up rather than a spammy email thread. And through email automation, you can deliver that personalised email feeling to your entire list of customers!

Email Template Creation

An email template is an HTML file that is used to build email campaigns. Having an email template allows you to produce email campaigns faster while simultaneously presenting a more consistent tone.

Email Design

People are far more likely to read something if it is well-designed.

By having a stylised email you can increase engagement with your prospects as well as increase the amount of leads you generate.

Email Outreach

Email Outreach involves reaching out and connecting with people via email. It allows you to network, generate leads, promote your services as well as finding investors or business partners.

Email Automation

By automating your emails you can reach a large audience in a matter of minutes – without writing out every single email. They allow you to create personalised experiences with your customers and allow you to send messages based on customers behaviour.

This significantly speeds up your email outreach while simultaneously allowing you to reach a wider audience in a shorter amount of time.

Lead Segmentation

Lead segmentation categorises your list of leads into smaller, more specific lists. This allows you to create marketing messages which are focused on addressing their particular needs.

This allows you to improve lead conversion and develop new customers.

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