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Content Marketing

Content Marketing Overview

Content Marketing means delivering value-rich content to your audience that positions you as an authoritative figure in the industry. The content needs to be made with one of 2 focuses in mind, to either rank on Google and/or be shared virally on social media.

Our team is here to create and publish content that will not only engage your audience but will also act as a catalyst in your SEO and lead generation strategies.

SEO Article Writing

An SEO article is researched, designed and created all with the focus of outranking your competitors for valuable keywords and phrases that your target audience are searching for. It is about ranking for the way a person would describe your business or the problems you solve, without knowing the name of your company and being found for specifically that reason.

These articles are designed to both educate your audience about your specific service and increase your website’s ranking. These SEO articles add to the rich content your website provides which helps establish your brand as an authoritative figure in the industry by both users and search engines.

Lead Magnet Creation

Lead magnets are valuable pieces of content that are exchanged for personal information including name, email, phone number, company name and more. They are a powerful tool with which to expand your business.

Lead magnets provide valuable insights or solve problems your target audience face and are presented in many mediums including checklists, eBooks or whitepapers.

We create tailor-made lead magnets designed specifically for your audiences’ needs by gathering data from audience behaviour and feedback, we create exemplary content which directly answers consumers’ queries giving consumers exactly what they need to build trust with your brand in exchange for their valuable personal details.

Engagement Articles

Engagement articles are written to entertain, educate and engage your audience on your social channels.

The job of an engagement article is to make your audience feel understood, in awe and feel an emotion towards the content you have shared, increasing brand recall and their shareability to further leverage the networks the content is shared on.


Prior to publishing an article, we review it in an editorial role – making any necessary amendments and changes to ensure that it is best suited to deliver the desired results.

Once the article is published we review it once again to ensure that the on-page SEO of the article is up to your expectations and is performing according to the initial strategy goals.

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