How We Grew WoW! Agile's
Traffic by 344%

Brand Strategy Workshop • Brand Positioning Strategy • Paid Media Campaigns • Website Design

WoW Agile’s Leap: Boosting Engagement and Leads with Targeted Digital Solutions

Their Goal

WoW Agile, a dynamic player in the agile methodology sphere, sought to elevate their digital presence. Their primary challenge was enhancing their online presence to better connect with their audience.

WoW Agile aimed to dramatically increase their marketing qualified leads and boost webinar sign-ups and attendance. They also sought to elevate their brand awareness and engagement, particularly in their target industries, and desired a significant overhaul of their social media strategy and content quality. They had worked with an agency for social media but they were left with a sour taste in their mouth after lackluster content that failed to grasp the true nature of their business or audience.

What We Did

We embarked on a journey with WoW Agile, starting with comprehensive workshops to gain a deep understanding of their industry, value proposition, and target audience. Our strategy included the launch of targeted lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn to increase webinar sign-ups and running awareness campaigns on the same platform to boost brand visibility.

To ensure effective lead nurturing, we set up a CRM system with automated follow-up sequences, enhancing the conversion of leads to webinar attendees. Simultaneously, we revamped WoW Agile’s social media content strategy and creative design, aiming to build trust with key buyer personas and improve the brand’s online credibility.


  • Brand Discovery Workshops

  • Rebranding and Brand Guidelines Development

  • Website UI/UX Strategy

  • Social Media Content and Strategy

  • Paid Media Campaign Strategy, including Google and LinkedIn Ads

  • Ad Creative Development and Copywriting

  • Continuous Optimization of Paid Campaigns

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The Results

  • We observed a 120% increase in webinar sign ups within three months.

  • Our campaigns generated 71 marketing qualified leads at a cost-effective acquisition rate.

  • Engagement on WoW Agile’s LinkedIn page doubled, reflecting heightened audience interest.

  • Website traffic surged by 344%, a testament to the increased online visibility and engagement.

Our successful strategy with WoW Agile hinged on a deep understanding of their unique business and industry, gained through the initial workshops with the client.

We tailored LinkedIn campaigns and creatives to specifically target and resonate with their ideal audience, improving results at the bottom of the funnel.

Finally the implementation of a CRM with automated lead follow-up sequences significantly boosted webinar attendance rates.

This comprehensive and integrated approach across all digital platforms was key to achieving a 120% increase in webinar attendance and a notable rise in online engagement and site traffic.

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