Generating brand awareness with the right target audience

The Client

Ommima! are a range of locally-made fresh soups which are convenient, healthy and delicious. Ommima! soups are imported by trusted Maltese food specialist Vernons who have built a reputation over the last 50 years for excellent value and quality products, supplied to the local food industry.


Ommima! approached Growth Gurus to develop a brand relaunch strategy and framework that will generate awareness and build a lasting relationship with their most valuable audiences.

Growth Gurus’ creative juices started buzzing to come up with an appropriate tagline for the brand’s relaunch. This needed to be done carefully and strategically since Ommima! was already in possession of loyal customers. The team at Growth Gurus needed to create a sense of familiarity within this brand newness.

The Growth Gurus team was also tasked with creating awareness about Ommima! being available back in stores for the colder months.

Most importantly, the client’s success measure was engagement and the team worked closely together, and with the client, to create the hype around the soups that Ommima! deserved.

Our Approach

Developing Brand Strategy

Growth Gurus set up a brand strategy workshop to work closely with the management of Ommima! to make sure that all the team understood the goals, where the management envision Ommima! to be, and the mission and vision of the company. The exercises carried out allowed our team to successfully relaunch the Ommima! brand, retain loyal customers, while also attracting new soup lovers to the brand.

Developing Creative Direction

Growth Gurus took charge of the brand’s new creative direction and the way that their key messages will be communicated to the audience. The team started working on implementing a clean design for graphical elements that mirrored the soup’s packaging to strengthen the sense of familiarity when Ommima! is seen in stores.

Campaign Launch

The client’s main aim was to relaunch their brand bigger and better than ever before. The team came up with the tagline ‘Finally!’ which proved to be a big hit. ‘Finally!’ was used simultaneously to communicate that it was finally soup weather but also Ommima! soups were finally back in stores.

Content Creation

Our content team created a vast array of content for Ommima! including social media content to target different stages in a client’s journey from awareness to engagement. The team created visuals to educate the audience on Ommima! soups, to remind customers that the soups are finally back in stores, and also content to create engagement such as polls.

Social Media Campaigns

To ensure that the new content was being amplified on social media and seen by the right audiences, we set up a variety of social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Display Network to drive awareness and engagement amongst consumers in Malta.

Influencer Marketing

Growth Gurus included influencer marketing in their strategy and it strengthened the success of this campaign. The team chose a targeted mix of influencers to hit the right audiences and through their authentic content, Ommima! obtained the desired result.

Campaign Optimisation

Growth Gurus’ work did not stop there. After a successful brand relaunch, it was time for the team to carry out campaign optimisation and analyse its performance. We were curious to know what worked and what didn’t go as well as planned. Optimisation is key for us as there is always room for improvement, no matter how big of a success a campaign is. 

Client Testimonial

We are only happy when our clients are 100% satisfied!

Ommima-Square Social Graphic1-FINALLY-HeatPourEat

Amongst many other considerations when launching Ommima! we definitely needed a good team to take care of our digital marketing. Why did we choose Growth Gurus? Many, many reasons. A young enthusiastic team who are not only friendly, professional and easy to work with but also understand how to optimise results at the allocated budget.


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