How We Helped Absolute Labs Raise over
$8 million in Seed Funding

Customer Persona List Building • Landing Page Development • Social Media Strategy • Paid Media Campaigns

Navigating the Web3 Revolution: Absolute Labs’ Journey to Seed Funding Success

Their Goal

Absolute Labs, a pioneer in web3 CRM technology, was at a crucial startup stage seeking investor attention. With no social media or marketing strategy in place, they needed a robust online presence to attract seed funding and wow potential investors. The focus was to amplify Absolute Labs’ online presence by crafting a brand and website that resonated with web2 and web3 audiences alike, while delivering consistent awareness with potential clients and investors through account based advertising campaigns on Linkedin.

What We Did

To help Absolute Labs’ achieve their goals, we launched integrated social media and advertising campaigns, focusing on their innovative web3 CRM technology and unique positioning. This involved a targeted approach, employing account-based marketing to zero in on specific investors and customer brands within the web3 ecosystem.

Key players like The Sandbox, Ledger, and LVMH were on our radar.

Concurrently, we revamped their website to echo their new stature in the market, ensuring it appealed to both web2 and web3 companies.

Throughout the entire strategy, we maintained a sharp focus on Absolute Labs’ unique positioning, ensuring every marketing effort was cohesive, targeted, and effectively aligned with their goals.


  • Ideal Customer Persona List Building

  • Landing Page Development

  • Social Media Strategy and Content Creation

  • Account-Based Paid Media Campaigns

  • Google and LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

  • Ongoing Campaign Optimization

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The Results

  • Attracted top-tier customers like LVMH, The Sandbox, and Moonpay.

  • Exceeded seed funding goals, raising over $8 million.

  • Earned recognition from industry leaders such as Franck Le Moal of LVMH.

  • Read more about their seed funding success.

The success of Absolute Labs underlines the power of our integrated marketing approach. By combining an authoritative website, with account based advertising strategies on Linkedin and Google, we were able to reach our audience with a consistent brand message across all media, generating awareness and trust in the brand.

The account based targeting strategy completely removed wasted impressions at the top of the funnel, reducing the overall advertising costs and making sure we were only paying for ads that reached the exact audience we wanted them to.

The result? A triumphant seed funding round and a solid foundation for customer acquisition.

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