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Episode 7
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  • It takes 1/10th of a second to form an impression of someone;
  • We all know there’s more to someone than a first impression. When it comes to your brand, don’t take the risk!

You have a tenth of a second to make a positive impression with your market. This shows us exactly how powerful branding is, when done right.

Consumers may make up their mind on the credibility of your business based on your branding

Let’s start with a quick experiment: think of the Starbucks logo. I’m sure you can picture it and you know the colour without having to look it up. And now you want a coffee? That’s the power of successful branding, making your brand memorable and recognisable.

What is branding?

  • Branding is not what you say about yourself; it’s what people say about you. Especially when you’re not listening.
  • Many people think branding stops at a logo. It doesn’t. YES – a powerful logo that embodies your brand is extremely important but branding is so much more than your logo.

Your brand is who you are, it’s how customers feel about you, it’s every interaction your audiences has with your brand, it’s your reputation & it’s your promise to your customers. It’s a means of building trust with your audience.

81% of consumers say that they need to be able to trust a brand to make purchases from them.

Tree description of branding:

  • Above the ground, representing what consumers see there’s the logo, colour palette, design, imagery & typography.
  • Below the ground there’s strategy, personality, vision, core values & tone of voice. These are the essentials for the brand to flourish.

Power of Branding 007

The Power of Branding

Branding is one of the most powerful marketing tools around:

  • It helps you create customer loyalty & be remembered.
  • It allows you to confirm your credibility as a brand and build trust with your customers.
  • Branding attracts the right people to your business and allows you to clearly deliver your message.
  • Branding helps you differentiate yourself in a crowded market.
  • There are 60+ million businesses on Facebook: you need something special to stand out and be remembered.
  • Branding gives you the ability to emotionally connect with your audience – moving them from being customers to being brand advocates.
  • Attract THE RIGHT people to your business, employees and customers
  • According to a recent Motista study, customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand
    • have a 306% higher lifetime value and
    • will likely recommend the company at a rate of 71% (average 45%)

How to define the brand DNA

The first thing we do when we’re working on a new branding project is a brand sprint. We run a brand DNA Workshop where we cover:

  • 3-10 Year Roadmap
  • Why, How, What – the Sinek Circle
  • Defining Your Values
  • Defining your 3 core Target Audiences
  • Brand Personality Spectrum
  • Brand Emotion
  • Competitor Matrix

Branding specialists can use this DNA workshop to then create a perfect brand that truly represents the business.

Free RESOURCE: We have run this workshop with almost 100 brands and we’ve created a VERY special free resources for you with this podcast- Our “DONE FOR YOU” Brand DNA Workshop template, ready to run on your brand.


Branding has an immense power and can heavily influence the success of your company. In order to nail it you have to understand your business’s DNA and we got the best tool for that. Check it out here.

Free Resource

Brand DNA Workshop