Making Sense of target audiences: Why should anybody care?

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Season 1 Episode 6
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Why should anybody care?

It’s a hyper competitive world out there and people are inundated with marketing everywhere they look. Why should they care about what you’ve got to say?

Over 50% of people believe that companies share too much irrelevant content, meaning that companies aren’t targeting their ideal audience.

Today we’ll discuss the importance of identifying your target audience to ensure that you’re promoting your brand to people who will emotionally connect with it.

Remember: If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. Your message should be tailored to your audience!

What is your target audience?

Who are you looking to attract with your product or service? Marketing is about human to human relationships.

Your target audience is the group of people that are your potential customers. The people who connect with your brand. The people whose needs you can help solve. A target audience is how you make sure your words are reaching the right customers.

People buy people, we hope you’re buying us right now ?

Why are target audiences important?

Defining your target audience and creating  user profiles is the only effective way for a brand to survive in the current marketplace.

It’s not about how big and powerful you are but how efficiently and effectively you can solve your customers’ problems.

Having a defined target audience:

  • helps you stand out to them, the people that matter and be relevant with your marketing because you’re targeting people who care;
  • allows you to get personal with your audience, to target them directly according to their needs
  • saves money due to efficiency

How do you really define your audience persona?

Define your customer personas in as much detail as you can:

  • Behavioral
  • Demographic
  • Psychological characteristics

Create a persona for each of your client types. Head to where you can find the Audience Persona Builder.

Shortcut: Look for audience demographics that are most likely to become repeat customers. Ask yourself how you can support your target audience in the long-term to transform them into brand ambassadors.

Adapting your message

You don’t speak to someone you just met the same way you would to your best friend.

Use Pixels to Adapt your message based on their relationship with your brand

  • What content they enjoy
  • Their stage in the buyer journey (your conversion funnel)

Examples of target audiences

  • ZenPilot: offers a training programme for Click Up particularly for agencies so they focus all their marketing on agency owners, managers. When you read an advert you feel like they’re talking directly to you because they’ve targeted you correctly and are talking about one of your problems and how they can help you solve it.
  • Vans: the company made its empire by appealing to misfits and rebels. The company learned to lean into what worked and who wanted their products rather than trying to strictly stick to their original vision. By allowing the target market to guide them, they found extreme success with their loyal customers.


Your brand is responsible for building a connection with your audience and making people care. Appealing to everyone means appealing to no one. Define your target audience using the Audience Persona Builder and focus on building meaningful relationships with them.

Free Resource

Audience Persona Builder

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