How to start your day off the right way

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Season 1 Episode 12
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This episode make sense of starting you day the right way and the impact it has on your business. We live in such a busy life where we all seem to be faced with packed days and need sufficient energy to get through their day.

The goal of this epiosde is helping entrepreneurs with tips on how to have more energy in their day by starting their day right. Simple fixes for a big problem all people face.

The Battery on a phone depletes throughout the day; however the tasks that you do on your phone in the morning affect how long long the battery will last. Certain tasks use up more battery and deplete it faster. Same is true for our mind and brain which control our energy.

What is a morning routine & its benefits

A morning routine means you perform the same basic tasks in the same order every day.

The benefits of a morning routine?

  • Set the tone for your day
  • Less stress
  • Feeling in control of your day and schedule rather than your schedule controlling you
  • Better relationships
  • Begin your day with a positive mindset
  • Gives you more confidence for your day
  • If you win the morning you win the day

Josh’s morning routine

  • Starts the night before looking at his calendar
  • Chillis bottle of water drink slowly and with focus – activate your gut
  • eBook or read vs Boxing Training
  • Walk dog Daddy Duties ?
  • Make 2 coffees with Oat Milk
  • Good morning to fiancé
  • Shower
  • Make my bed ?
  • Dress sharp or wear a GG shirt
  • Get to the office
  • Calendar, plan, most important thing for the day
  • Pomodoro (dedicate a whole episode) ?
  • NO phone notifications checked until this point

Alex’s routine

  • from the night before: dentist delight – brush teeth but don’t rinse, just spit it out
  • Look at my calendar
  • List three things im grateful for before I sleep
  • List three things im grateful when I wake up (although I never remember to do this one)
  • Scroll through 9gag or flipboard for 20 minutes depending on whether I want to laugh or read some news and catch up, this usually helps my brain wake up
  • Read my calendar and prepare mentally for the day
  • Get up and make my bed
  • Brush my teeth
  • Change into my dog walking uniform or work out clothes
  • Have a glass of water
  • Go to the gym and or walk the dog & call my mum
  • Shower
  • Start work on my phone ticking off as many boxes as I can, Slack, emails etc
  • No meetings till 10.30am

I guess my morning finishes at 12 as I don’t eat between 8.30pm and mid day during the week for intermittent fasting.

Ideas of what you can implement into your morning routine

The words ‘I already know that’ have blocked so much innovation in the world. So even if you’ve heard these tips before, try not to block them out with those four words but listen and take them in and try them before judging them from the moment.

The first one will sound impossible and your mind will doubt if this is doable: Do not start your day with your phone. 71% of people check their phone within 10-minutes of waking up. Notifications trigger stress. Put yourself in the past or the future not in the morning moment

Practise gratitude: ask yourself what you’re grateful for today. Set a positive tone for the day. According to Sally Anne Carroll, a life & career coach, practising gratitude can be a key element in finding a fulfilling and balances work life and can can help you be both more effective and happier at work.

Other Tips:

  • Read a positive quote
  • Listen to music that inspires you
  • Practise Mediation: start your day grounded and in control.
  • Drink a glass of warm water when you wake up: activate your gut and rehydrate your body.
  • Set your priorities or an intention for the next day the night before.
  • Exercise
  • Focus on Rocks, not Emails


Take charge of your day by making small changes to your day to improve your energy throughout your day. The important thing is to create a morning routine that makes you feel good about yourself.

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