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Top 6 Tips For Video Marketing Success!

By June 2, 2017July 3rd, 2020No Comments
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Video marketing is on a steady incline. Here is how to achieve video marketing success!

By now it’s pretty evident that video media is one of the greatest forms of content to seize the internet, if not the greatest. It’s 2017, everybody’s online and many brands have turned to video marketing as the prime digital strategy for conveying their message and telling their story.

What exactly makes great video media? We hear this question all of the time from individuals and brands alike seeking to create marketing videos and devise effective video marketing strategies. Here are our top 6 tips that will ensure your brand achieves video marketing success.

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1. Use Video Marketing To Tell Your Story!

Back in the day, before social media was around, MSN was the king of online interaction, cat videos dominated the web, and businesses would rent advertising space on popular TV/ video media channels to tell their story. Fast forward about 15 years, and here we are.

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

With social media now around, brands harness the power of video marketing to promote their products and engage with potential consumers online; but wait, that alone is not enough. You’ve got to make sure that your video media creates some form of value to the viewer. This can be achieved by developing a video marketing strategy that incorporates the use of storytelling to instill an emotional connection with your target audience.

2. The First 10 Seconds Are The Most Important!

To get it right, you’ve got to make sure that you outline your video media’s subject matter in the first 10 seconds. The key is to capture your viewer’s interest immediately. We’ve all been there before, tremendously enticed by a captivating title which made us click through, however, ended up disappointed at what’s been displayed due to a long and boring introduction. Your marketing video should instantly convey its value and answer that all important “why should I watch it?” question.

The importance of content marketing is something that every brand must understand and effectively implement into their daily digital grind. So, why is content marketing important? Let’s break it down to the basics. When purchasing a product or service, customers generally prefer buying from a credible brand rather than from one that they have never heard of before. Trust plays a major part of every consumer’s final purchase decision, and content marketing is the perfect means for creating a signature style that builds recognition and conveys your brand’s personality.

3. Optimise Your Marketing Video For Search – Google Is Great!

Let the top dogs of search, Google, put you ahead of the game and get your marketing video seen. There are plenty of techniques you can use to make sure that your video media is found on search engines. One digital strategy you should use is to host your own domain. It’s equally vital to enable embedding on your video which will increase your inbound marketing links.
When it comes to SEO for video marketing, descriptions are extremely important. Through descriptions, Google’s search spiders understand the content of your video media. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords and awesome descriptions with distinctive titles!

4. Always Include A Call-To-Action In Your Marketing Video!

Video has a significant place in your overall digital strategy; however, it’s completely useless without a call to action (CTA) that will increase your viewers chance of converting. Essentially, marketing videos are all about conversion and there’s no way it’s going to happen without an enticing CTA. So get your viewers to your playground where you control their entire experience and the flow of content they consume.

5. Reach The Right Audience With Your Marketing Video

What’s the point of advertising your video media to someone who’s not interested in your products? None at all! Make sure that your digital strategy focuses on reaching the right people at the right place and the right time. This will guarantee you get the best ROI from your video marketing strategy.

One of the fundamental features that make Facebook stand out from other video marketing channels is the extremely-in-depth targeting you can use to select audiences for your video media content. Facebook allows you to segment your audiences according to their:

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language
  • Occupation

Wondering how to customise targeting for your Facebook video marketing? Here’s how it’s done:

  • Create a new video media post
  • Click the target button
  • Choose interests that you would like your video media to target
  • Select target audience restrictions

6. Build Engaging Videos With Lumen5

By now we’ve all learnt that video content drives the most engagement on social media. Creating stunningly interactive videos can, however, be challenging unless you’re someone who knows their way around technology for creating and editing videos. Wrong! 

Thankfully, there is now a plethora of video tools that make the process painless and surprisingly affordable. Lumen5 is one of these tools. Turn your blog into impressive videos in 3 simple steps. Simply choose your video format, drop the link to your blog and choose a theme. That’s it! It’s also completely customisable to your specific branding needs. 


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