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One good turn leads to another

Growth Gurus Fablab Valletta eCommerce Website Development

How our #GrowthGurusGift developed into an award-nominated eCommerce platform for creativity and innovation.

On the 22nd of December 2016, during one of our regular Live Facebook streams, we decided to surprise our audience with something unique and potentially game-changing: The #GrowthGurusGift.

To empower creativity and business growth, we were giving away a completely free website and digital consultancy to one outstanding and creative entrepreneur or business with a positive impact on our society.

At the time, Growth Gurus had just turned two years old, experiencing a spurt of growth, all the while in constant need of steady cash flow. Dedicating a large chunk of our billable hours to create a brand new eCommerce website all for free was a bold move, to say the least, but it was something we were passionate about doing.

Fablab Valletta eCommerce Website by Growth Gurus

Why did we do it?

As a relatively new business, we have experienced the challenges of starting, running and growing a business. It takes sheer determination, passion and relentless commitment which thoroughly tests you as an individual and an entrepreneur. As digital marketers, we also fully understand, perhaps more so than others, the impact an industry-leading online presence and digital strategy can have on the success of your business.

Leading up to our 2nd Christmas as a company, we looked back on where we came from and reflected on how blessed we felt by what we had achieved as Growth Gurus. In true Christmas spirit, we decided it was time to use our skills and expertise to give back and further empower creativity, inspiration, and innovation.

How did we do it?

Part of our mission for 2017 was to encourage people to embrace new technologies as they develop. Staying in line with this, we announced the #GrowthGurusGift on Facebook Live, which was a relatively new feature back then.

To apply, we asked entrepreneurs and businesses to go Live themselves, explaining how a free website would help thrive their business and positively impact people.


The rules were simple.


Get yourselves on Facebook Live and publicly announce yourself and your business to the world. We asked any potential contestants to cover, but not limited, to the following points:

  1. Why does your business deserve a new website?
  2. How will a new website help grow business?
  3. How does your business impact our society?

Of course, we didn’t want a sales pitch so we encouraged everyone to express themselves, show their true colours, get their creative juices flowing and to be unique!  

We had over 10,000 views on our live stream and some fantastic and beautiful entries. Sadly, there could only be one winner.

Meet fablab valletta – winners of the #GrowthGurusGift

A FabLab is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship – a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent. We are lucky to have an awesome Fablab in Malta – right in the heart of our capital city, Valletta.

Literally, this place a hub that’s core purpose is to create, innovate and to inspire people to push boundaries and create awesome things using cutting-edge technology and tools. This couldn’t have been more in line with our vision and the purpose of our #GrowthGurusGift.

Take a look at the winning Fablab Facebook Live entry:

Website design and development process

The Fablab Valletta motto is “create almost anything.”

They have a refreshing view of what can be done, and find it upon themselves to innovate through any barriers they face. We should have known what we were getting ourselves into.

Right from the start, we had a fantastic energy synergy when working on this project with the Fablab team. They challenged us. They stretched our vision. They inspired us to never say no to anything.

Fablab Valletta ajd Growth Gurus

Our initial specs list for this website was just the start of what was to come.

Together, we evolved their new website into something special. We created an advanced and innovative eCommerce platform, resonating with the brand’s core vision.

You can learn more about this project in our Fablab + Growth Gurus project case study.

The #GrowthGurusGift eCommerce website

The new FabLab Valletta eCommerce website enables anyone to seamlessly book and pay for a combination of tutors, materials, time and advanced fabrication machines. The innovative website was specially designed with the customer at heart – taking into consideration the website usability, visibility and overall online customer experience.

We are proud to have fabricated an innovative eCommerce solution that enables anyone to begin the path of creating their dreams.

“The new industry-leading FabLab eCommerce website extends this brand mission to an online audience. It has dramatically streamlined the promotion, booking, scheduling, project management and client engagement in using our machinery, workspaces and tools.” Sean Buttigieg, fablab valletta director

eBusiness Awards Best eCommerce Site Finalists

You may have initially come across this blog, not fully understanding what we were referring to. The title should make a little more sense now.

The #GrowthGurusGift has, a year later, been nominated and shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious MCA eBusiness Awards! We’ll find out the results on the awards night on 28th March 2018!

Well, there you have it! Safe to say this has been one of our favourite projects of 2017 and this award nomination is just a massive bonus. But now that we have been shortlisted as finalists, we are determined to win it!

Wish us luck to win the award and watch this space! (If you don’t see any happy social media posts on the evening of the 28th March 2018, don’t ask…)

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